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20.4.2015: Dear Comrades! News from CHQ ..... Regarding Strike

MAKE TWO DAYS STRIKE ON 21.04.2015 AND 22.04.2015, 100% SUCCESS.

Forum of BSNL Unions / Associations & other Unions/Associations met today morning and after analysing the CMD's meeting held on Friday, 17.04.2015 and unanimously decided to make 100% success of two days nation wide strike on 21.04.2015 and 22.04.2015. Since, most of the demands pertains to DoT/Govt. and till date no initiative has been taken by DoT to hold the meeting with the Forum or to take some initiative for resolution of the demands. All the CHQ Office Bearers/Circle Secretaries/Branch Secretaries and activists of AIBSNLEA are requested to ensure 100% participation in the strike call.

20-04-2015 : Dear District Secretaries, CWC Members, Circle Office bearers, CEC Members & District Presidents, Please Mobilise  and ensure 100% participation in the 2 days strike as per  the Forum  call.

Forum Meetings conducted in almost all the SSAs in the Last Week in connection with 2 Days Strike.CHQ Office bearers, CWC Members, Circle Office bearers of the Unions and Associations were participated in the Meetings. Overwhelming and enthusiastic response was there in all the SSAs. Forum Meeting will be held at Tamilnadu Circle Office on 20.4.2015 at 1.00 P.M. All the Circle Secretaries are participating in the  Meeting and address the gathering.


17.4.2015: Dear Comrades! Merger of STR & STP approved by CMD



Dear Comrades,

The JAO trainees of Phase-III training who are going to attend the training at NATFM, Hyderabad from 20.4.2015 may contact Shri M.Venugopal, AO (Admn) NATFM on his mobile number ""09490174141"" for pick-up facility from Hyderabad (Nampalli) railway station to NATFM Training Centre Hostel at Gachibowli.  Those who want to avail this facility may contact the AO (Admn) NATFM on his mobile telephone.


16.4.2015: Dear Comrades! As per the request of AIBSNLEA TN Circle our PGM(F), TN Circle has written a DO Letter to GM(FP) for retaining all the 57 Accounts Personnel in Tamilnadu Circle itself on CAO Regular Promotion. Our sincere thanks to PGM(F).


15.4.2015: Dear Comrades! Meeting of the Forum of Unions and Associations of TN Circle held under the Chairmanship of  Com.Pattabi, President of the Forum. Com.Chellappa, Forum Convenor explained about the strategies of the ensuing Strike to be held on 21st and 22nd Apr2015. On behalf of AIBSNLEA Com.Sivakumar, CS, Com.Bangaru, CP, Com.R.Ravi, ACS & Com.Renganathan, BS, Circle Office, Chennai participated in the meeting and proposed their valuable suggestions for the Successful conduct of the Strike.


Dear Comrades! Congratulations! Due to consistent and untiring efforts of our GS Com.Prahladji, Retention orders issued to Com.C.N. Meera, CAO, Coimbatore upto 30.9.2015. Our sincere thanks to Com GS & Com.President, CHQ.


15.4.2015:  Dear  Comrades! Our Senior Comrade.Sangaiah, Retd.SDE, Madurai,  our former AIBSNLEA TN Circle FS & former District Secretary, Madurai  has visited London . He has written a book about his travelling experiences in London which has been recognized   by  the Tamilnadu State Government and awarded on 14.4.2015, Tamil New Year day. AIBSNLEA TN CIRLCE  convey its Hearty Congratulations  and wish him to write more articles/books.

13.4.2015: Dear Comrades!Congratulations! Request Transfer orders issued  in the cadre of JAO by the Finance Wing of the Tamilnadu Circle.

Status of Rule 206  case :

The Committee headed by Hon'ble Justice Shri  Ramamurthy hold the hearing on 06.04.2015 in the Hon'ble Supreme Court and all the concerned affected parties (due to implementation of  rule 206) have been directed to give their representations to Committee immediately . The next hearing dates are decided on 15.04.2015 at 17:00 hrs, 18.04.2015  at 11:00hrs, 23.04.2015 at 17:00hrs and 02.05.2015 at 11:00hrs  in Rammanna Bhawan , Lodhi Road , New Delhi. All concerned may give their representation individually or through  their advocates immediately to the Committee. Committee will submit its report to Hon'ble Supreme Court after 02.05.2015. Hon'ble Supreme Court will hear the case in  Aug-2015.

 GS, FS, met GM (Pers.) and discussed regarding-

(a) CPC from DE to DGM:- we requested to expedite CPC from DE to DGM. GM (Pers.) mentioned that the TES Group B seniority lists are being finalized on the basis of Rule-206 and this work will be completed shortly. He assured that as soon as the seniority lists are finalized, efforts will be made to release promotion orders of about 170 DE to DGM for whom VCRs are valid for this month and immediately the next CPC will be initiated.  

(b) CPC from SDE (T) to DE:- We requested for filling-up of the vacant DE Posts from eligible SDEs(T) since no stay order is there on promotion. GM (Pers.) assured to look into the matter.  More than 1000 DEs posts are lying vacant.

(c) CPC from JTO to SDE (T):- GM (Pers.) mentioned that the CPC work is in process but the promotion orders can be issued only after the vacation of stay order from Honble High Court Kerala. The case is posted for hearing after 20th May, 2015.

(d) Restructuring of AD (O/L) cadre:- We requested for an early action in this regard. GM (Pers.) mentioned that again a reminder has been sent to Joint Secretary (Admn.), DoT for giving the clarification on the earlier DoT letter issued in 2008 for revision of the pay scale of AD(OL) cadre. He assured that as soon as the reply from DoT is received, immediate action in this regard will be taken.

(e) LDCE for promotion from JTO (T) to SDE (T) :- We requested for early holding of the LDCE for promotion from JTO (T) to SDE (T). GM (Pers.) informed that it has been decided to hold the LDCE for promotion from JTO (T) to SDE (T) in the Month of May, 2015. Necessary notifications in this regard will be issued by the DE Cell at the earliest.




Dear Comrades! Father of our Senior Comrade.P.R.Sridharan, DE(BSS), Erode Shri.P.V.Ramakrishanan expired today at Kumbakonam. Funeral will take place at Kumbakonam on 11.4.2015. AIBSNLEA convey its deep condolences to the bereaved family members. Contact No.9443100360


Dear Comrades! Today we, CS, CP & Com.Ravi, ACS met PGM(F), TN Circle in the presence of DGM(F)& CAO(F) and discussed the following 1) Consideration of request transfers in the cadre of DGM(F)- PGM(F) replied that request transfer case of Com.Pushparaj, DGM(F)/ERD to CBT has been approved by the CGM and the orders will be issued today.2) Consideration of request transfer cases in the cadre of JAOs as per the  Waiting List PGM(F) assured that the request transfer cases will be considered as per the Waiting List and according to the  shortage percentage in the Finance Wing in the SSA Concerned and the  orders are expected within a couple of days 3)Retention of all the CAOs on promotion at TN Circle itself- PGM(F) assured that as per the request of AIBSNLEA TN Circle D.O.Lr will be issued to ED(Fin).

We also met GM(HR&Admin) and discussed the following 1) Posting of AGM in the Sales& Marketing in the vacant post at Circle Office- GM(HR&Admin) assured that AGM will be posted very soon 2)Relieving of Officers under Temporay transfers from KKD SSA- GM(HR&Admin) replied that CGMs instructions will be followed 3) Looking on arrangement in the cadre of DGM- GM(HR&Admin) assured to look in to the matter.4) Request transfers in the cadre of JTO, SDE & DEs- GM(HR&Admin) replied that the cases will be considered as per the existing transfer policy.


10.4.2015: Dear Comrades, Today we, CS, TN Circle, FS STR Branch, STR  & STP AIBSNLEA Comrades met Shri.Bharadwaj, GM(FP) who has came to Chennai on Official Visit. On behalf of AIBSNLEA, TN Circle we presented a shawl to the GM(FP) and thanked him for considering all the request transfers/modification orders/retention orders in the cadre of AOs and CAOs of  TN Circle, STR, STP & Chennai Telephones. GM(FP) informed that CPC for  64+ 230 CAO(Regular) has completed today. About 50 VCRs are still awaited and the Promotion orders will be issued on receipt of the pending VCRs. He also assured that the Promotion orders will be issued  in the Next Week. We requested to post all the Promoted CAOs in TN Circle/STP/Chennai Telephones. GM(FP) assured to look in to the matter.


 Dear Comrades! GS met GM (FP) BSNL CO and discussed regarding

(a)   (a) CPC from AO to CAO (Regular):- We requested to expedite CPC from to AO to CAO regular. GM (FP) mentioned that CPC meeting is now decided to be held on 10.04.2015 instead of today due to business of CLO. He further mentioned that CPC is being conducted to fill-up 64+230 =294 CAO posts on regular basis. About 50 VCRs are still awaited but CPC work will be completed for all the eligible. AOs and promotion orders will be issued on receipt of the pending VCRs of these 50 AOs.

(b) (b) Consideration of request transfers of AOs/CAOs: - We requested to consider pending request/ tenure transfer cases of AOs/CAOs. GM (FP) assured an early action in this regard.




Dear Comrades!GS met Addl. GM (Pers.) Shri Deepak Agarwal and discussed regarding

(a)    CPC from JTO (T) to SDE(T) :- Addl. GM (Pers.) mentioned that scrutiny work of ACRs is in process but the promotion orders can be issued after the vacation of stay order from Hon'ble High Court Kerala on promotion. The case is now posted to be heard after summer vacation i.e. 20th May 2015.

(b)   CPC from DE to DGM: - Addl. GM (Pers.) mentioned that CPC work is in process but the TES Group B seniority lists are being finalized on the basis of Rule-206 which may take some more time. However, the TES Group B seniority lists 6 & 7 have been revised as per the judgment of Hon'ble High Court Chandigarh and Hon'ble Apex Court. The contempt cases in Chandigarh CAT bench and Hon'ble High Court Chandigarh are also being heard today and in view of the contempt cases BSNL has complied the Court order by revising the TES Group B seniority lists No. 6 & 7 .

(c)    Creation of PPS Posts in field units:- Addl. GM (Pers.) informed that as per the direction of the Committee, some information regarding PA/PS cadre has been asked from the Circles which have not yet been received in Pers. Cell. However, he assured to issue reminder.

(d)   Restructuring of AD (O/L) Cadre: - Addl. GM (Pers.) mentioned that the clarification from DOT/DOP & T on this issued is still awaited. He assured to contact DOT for an early reply.

(e) Notional pay fixation of the upgraded pay scales w.e. f. 01.10.2000:- we requested to process the case to the competent authority as submitted by PGM (BW) through ED (NB) for JTO/SDE(C/E/Arch/TF) Engineering wings and PA/PS Cadres. Addl. (GM) assured to discuss the matter with AGM (Pers.) for an early action

During the meeting Shri Mukesh Kumar, new DGM (Pers.) was also present