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The last date for submission of e-APAR has been extended up to 10.06.2019 vide No.500-25/2018/ APAR/Pers-l dated 23.05.2019. All the Executives who have not yet submitted the e-APAR may submit the same well before the due date. Please note that extension may not be granted further.

Discussed with the CGM regarding adjustment of excess Electricity Deposit available with the TANGEDCO against payment of EB Bills.

Necessary instructions to the field units are being issued by the Circle Finance Wing.

The Deposits will be excess for those EB service Connections which are converted from HT to LT. Also due to less usage of power, some more deposits would have become excess.

Planning Section and Finance wing Officers of SSAs are requested to verify such EB Deposits and arrange to get the excess deposits adjusted against the EB Bills so as to avoid disconnection. 

Dear Comrades,
AUAB TN Circle has decided to protest against merger of SSAs into BAs. We met CGM twice and requested him to take up the issue to BSNL CO. Our CHQ has also taken up the issue with BSNL. There is no purpose in merging SSAs and it will not be helpful to increase revenue. At this crucial juncture of financial condition of BSNL Merger of SSAs is not at required.
All the DSs are requested to conduct the demonstration effectively under the banner of AUAB

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CS writes to GS regarding non- allotment of Funds for O&M and Electricity etc.. to take up with BSNL CO. Click here for letter
1. BSNL CO has approved the process to appoint DR-JAOs for the left out 10 vacancies for TN Circle from the select list.
Thanks to the Management. Special Thanks to the AGM (Rect) for his personal efforts to get the approval from BSNL CO ND.

2. JTO-LICE Examn. which was cancelled on 21.04.2019 is rescheduled on 26.05.2019.

In continuation of the meeting with the CGM TN Circle on BA Merger, a letter is addressed to the CGM with a request to defer the merger proposal. The copy of the same is sent to the General Secretaries of the constituent Unions/Associations to take up the issue with the BSNL CO.

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CS, CP, FS, ACS and other Office bearers greeted Shri.P.Santhosham, PGM (NWP-CM) on the eve of his promotion as CGM, Chennai Telephones.

We wish him every Success in his new assignment.


Today CGM TN Circle has invited the AUAB leaders to discuss about the Shortage of Funds and BA Merger.

We discussed thread bare on the issues for more than an hour.

AUAB will take up the case with the AUAB CHQ ND for giving pressure to the BSNL CO ND for arranging and allotment of funds for EB, Labour payment, Rent, Hiring Vehicle etc.

Also we will write a letter to the CGM and CHQ for deferring the proposal of BA merger as the merger at this crucial time of facing shortage of funds, will not only help BSNL for any revenue growth, but also additional expenditure will be involved. And also teething problems in merger process will affect the Sales and Revenue.

Both the letters will be given tomorrow

Com.S.Alwarsamy, DGMF, Virudhunagar and Com.V.Raja, Madurai have retired from service on 30.04.2019.

AIBSNLEA TN Circle wishes them a Very Happy Retired Life.



Shri.P.Santhosham  PGM (NWP-CM), Circle Office is promoted and posted as CGM, Chennai Telephones.

We convey our best wishes !!


May Day Greetings to all Comrades!

Let us remember all the martyrs and the leaders and cadres worked for the betterment of working class.!!

AIBSNLEA foundation Day Greetings to all!

Let us pledge to strengthen our beloved Association!!

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AIBSNLE TN Circle extends the best wishes for all the comrades who retire today on superannuation, for a happy and peaceful retired life. 

Particularly we wish to mention and congratulate the following stalwarts of BSNL and strong members of our Association.

1.Com.A.Rajendran Eguine Roy, DGM, Circle Office.(Ex. Dist. President, Madurai)

2.Com.P.Sakthivel, SDE CBE, Dist. Secretary

3.Com.Sethu, DGM (Finance), STP, Chennai.

4.Com.S.Rajaraman, DGM, Thanjavur.

5.Com.Annadurai, DGM, Salem

6.Com.T.Ponnivalavan, AGM, Arani.

7.Com.Sugathamani, AO, Coimbatore

8.Com.P.Radhabhai, JTO, Cuddalore

9.Com.Emily, AO, Madurai

10.K.Vijayakumar, SDE Trichy

11.S.Murali, AO,Trichy

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The LICE - JTO Exam. Scheduled to be conducted on 21.04.2019 is cancelled in the last minute due to technical failure in the on-line server. The issue was discussed with the AGM (Recruitment)

It is ascertained that the Exam. will be conducted within a couple of weeks.


The DGM (L/A) orders are awaited for Salem and other three SSAs for the retirement vacancies.

We discussed the case with the concerned officers. It is intimated that one order has been issued for the existing vacancy at Pondicherry.

We hope that the orders will be issued for the Four Cases today itself.


AIBSNLEA Foundation Day on 1st May

AIBSNLEA is celebrating its Foundation Day on 1st May 2019 at all the Branches / Circle levels. All the District Secretaries are requested to celebrate AIBSNLEA Foundation Day on 1st May- 2019 by holding Special General Body Meetings, flag hoisting etc on 1st May at all District levels.