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Dear Comrades! Today PGM(Finance), TN Circle invited the Forum of Unions & Associations Leaders for discussion about the staff related problems in ERP Go Live. Com Ravi, ACS & Com Renganathan, CO Br. Secy participated in the meeting  on behalf of AIBSNLEA.  It is insisted by the AIBSNLEA that separate Vendor is to be created in ERP for all the 3rd Party HR Recoveries (including Out of Account recoveries) as in the case of HRMS in consultation with HCL. After discussion, it is decided by the Forum to request the CGM, TN Circle to defer the GO LIVE to Dec'2014. Letter addressed to CGM, TN Circle is published below.
24.10.2014:  Dear Comrades!  As per our request , CGM, Tamilnadu Circle has recommended genuine Medical grounds cases for retention/reallottment(on DE Regular promotion) and forwarded to Corporate Office , New Delhi for further consideration. Our  Sincere thanks to our CGM, TN Circle for his Humanitarian approach.
Dear Comrades! Com B.P.Kalaiarasu, SDE, Vellore who has been transferred to Assam Circle is re allotted to Kerala Circle. Our Sincere thanks to our GS for his untiring efforts.
Dear comrades,our Association's consistent efforts yielded result in getting released the posing on promotion order of 123 DGMs(Fin) Regular.
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Dear Comrades, Our TAMILNADUCircle AIBSNLEA WISHES all a happy Deepavali. Let us pledge to work hard to increase the productivity IN BSNL so that we can get the Bonus in the coming years.

18.10.2014: Dear Comrades!

Smt. Arumugam(aged 79) mother of Com.N.SRINIVASAN , AO,DISTRICT SECRETARY, AIBSNLEA, MADURAI  EXPIRED on 17.10.2014 AROUND 6.30 P.M. AIBSNLEA, TN Circle convey its deep condolences to the bereaved family members.

Dear Comrades, Letter addressed to CGM, TN Circle for the retention /re allotment of  SDEs/DEs(Adhoc) on DE(Regular) Promotion on genuine Medical grounds is published below.

Dear Comrades, Today we , CS and Com Madhu, FS, STR Branch met CGMM STR, Chennai and requested him to recommend the below mentioned cases for Retention in STR/Re allotment in the DE(Regular) Postings on genuine medical grounds and whose services are very much essential in STR in the interest of Service. 1. Com N.S.Ramarao, DE Warangal 2.  Com M.Lalitha, DE, Circle Office 3. Com S.Lakshmanakumar, SDE, Kovilpatti  4. Com S.Gunasegar, SDE, Madurai.

CGM is very kind enough to discuss the cases one by one and assured to recommend and forward the cases to CMD, BSNL , NEW Delhi. Letter addressed to CGMM, STR, Chennai is published below.

  Yesterday, GS, President and FS discussed with GM (FP) regarding:

(a) CPC from JAO to AO: We requested for issuance of an early promotion order for all the eligible candidates. GM (FP) informed that a meeting of GM (Pers), GM (FP) and CLO has been held today wherein the queries raised by the CLO on the SC/ST roaster implementation was discussed and it was decided to consider all eligible SC/ST candidates. Accordingly, the case is being further processed for consideration. He assured an early action in this regard.

GS further discussed with CLO for early clearance of JAO to AO CPC. CLO informed that today there was a meeting with GM (FP) and GM (Pers) and he has advised to ensure proper implementation of the SC/ST roaster in the JAO to AO CPC. Thereafter only, he will give clearance to the CPC.

(b) CPC from AO to CAO (Adhoc): GM (FP) mentioned that he has got the approval to conduct CPC for 230 CAOs post on Adhoc basis. We requested to call for the APARs of the eligible candidates immediately. GM (FP) assured an early action in this regard.

(c) CPC from CAO (Adhoc) to CAO (Regular): GM (FP) mentioned that the CPC for regularization of CAO (Adhoc) to CAO (regular) has been completed and the promotion orders will be issued after getting the approval from the competent authority shortly.

(d) CPC from DGM(Finance/Adhoc)  to DGM(Finance/Regular): We requested for issuing early promotion orders of DGM(Finance/Adhoc)  to DGM(Finance/Regular). GM (FP) mentioned that the CPC is completed and the file is submitted to the competent authority for according the approval. After getting the approval from the competent authority the promotion orders will be issued.

GS, President (CHQ) and FS met GM (Pers) and discussed regarding:

(a) Posting on Promotion from SDE (Telecom) to DE (Regular) and Modification/Cancellation of DEs posting orders on promotion:   We requested for consideration of requests for modifications / cancellations of the posting orders on genuine grounds and of lady executives. GM (Pers) mentioned that CMD has instructed the CGMs of Tamilnadu, Chennai TD, STR and others to recommend genuine cases like Cancer patients, Heart patients and the officers whose services are very much essential in the circles in the interest of services. Based on the merit, these cases will be considered. Detailed instructions in this regard will be issued to all the CGMs.

(b) Status of various CPCs

(i)  CPC from JTO (Telecom) to SDE (Telecom) seniority Quota: GM (Pers) mentioned that the CPC in this regard has been completed but orders can not be released till such time the stay order on promotion from Hon'ble CAT Ernakulum is vacated. The case is posted for hearing on 17th November, 2014. He advised us to pursue with CGMT Kerala for arranging an early hearing.

(ii)  CPC from SDE (Telecom) to DE (Telecom) left out cases: We requested for early consideration of left out cases from SDE (Telecom) to DE(Regular). GM (Pers) assured for an early action.

(iii) CPC from DE to DGM (Adhoc): GM (Pers) mentioned that the CPC work is in progress and efforts will be made to release the promotion orders shortly. 

(iv) CPC from DGM (Adhoc) to DGM (Regular): GM (Pers) mentioned that the CPC work for the 28 officers has been completed and the promotion orders will be issued shortly.

16.10..2014: Dear Comrades, Trade Union facilities extended to the newly elected Circle Office bearers.

Today we, CS, Com Ravi, ACS, Com Lenin Ram, ACS & Com Renganathan, BS, C. O met CGM, TN Circle, GM(Admin) & DGM(HR) and discussed regarding i)Regularisation of  Temporary transfers in the Eng.Wing ii) Posting of JTOs/SDEs in the acute shortage SSAs and  Rural Areas.  iii) Grant of ACP to Stenos. iv) Looking after arrangement in the cadre of JTO(Electrical) to SDE(Electrical) v) Early issuance of Time bound promotion  orders due on 1.10.2014 to the Executives of Eng.Wing. vi) Strict implementation of CO, ND orders in r/o sensitive post  transfers. vii) Problems faced by the Executives in Dharmapuri SSA & Salem SSA.

We also met  PGM(Finance) and discussed  regarding  1) Early issuance of E1 to E2, E4 to E5  & E5 to E6  Time bound  promotion orders in respect Accounts Personnel 2) Consideration of request transfers in the cadre of AO and JAO. 3)  Grant of ACP to Stenos. 4) Pay anomaly case of Com Thangapazham, DE/KMB. 5) Medical claim settlement of Com Muthukumaran, AO, KKD. 6) Looking on arrangement in the cadre of CAO at Tuticorin.


15.10.2014: Retention order issued to Com R.Subramanian, AO, Madurai. Our sincere thanks to Com GS for his untiring and sincere efforts.
Today we, CS and Com Madhu, FS STR Branch met Shri S.Balachandran, GM and congratulated him on his assumption as GM(HQ). We thanked him for the issuance of transfer orders to Com Parasuram Bellary, SDE from Dharmapuri to Gadag. We requested him to issue request transfer orders to our 6 members early as per the discussions had between the Administration and Associations on 17.6.2014 . Letter addressed to GM(HQ) in this regard is furnished below.
13.10.2014: Circle Secretary participated in 7th TN Circle Conference of BSNLEU held at Trichy on 12.10.2014 along with  Com Mohan, DS, Trichy and Com Abdul salam, DP, Trichy and felicitated the Conference.
Dear Comrades! 5th District Conference of AIBSNLEA District Branch of Kumbakonam SSA and a grand felicitation function to our Former Circle Secretary Com N.Veerapandian was conducted in a colourful manner at Hotel Green Park Kumbakonam on 10.10.2014. Com D.Kaliyaperumal  Presided over the Conference. Com P.J.Gokulan, DS welcomed the gathering and submitted the Bi-Annual Report. Com Ramasamy , FS submitted the Receipts & Payments Accounts. Com  Sivakumar, CS, Com Vekatesan, FS  and Com Karthikesan, OS participated in the Conference and addressed the gathering. All the Sister union leaders were participated in the Conference and felicitated Com N.Veerapandian  and the Conference. From the Administration side Com Richards Louise, DGM(F) and Com Rajendran, DGM(EB) participated and graced the function. Vetran Trade Union Leaders Com Dhanapal and Essaki participated in the Conference and felicitated Com N.Veerpandian.  In the after noon delegate session was conducted. Finally Com Veerapandian  has given the acceptance speech. Large numbers of Contract Labourers and Break-up Mazdoors from Kumbakonam SSA participated in the Conference. Com Sivaganesan, SDE, Com Kolanchi Iyyappan, JAO and Com B.Gurumoorthy, JAO were unanimously elected as District President, District Secretary and Finance Secretary respectively.