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8.10.2015: Dear Comrades! Letter addressed to CGM, Tamilnadu Circle for the grant of ACP scheme to Stenographers is published below.


7.10.2015: Dear Comrades! A meeting was held with the representatives AIBSNLEA under the chairmanship of Director (HR). From management side GM (Pers), GM (Estt), Addl GM (SR), Jt. GM (Pers), DGM (Admn.), DGM (Estt.) were present along with Director (HR) and from AIBSNLEA side, GS, FS, AGS (HQ), were present in the meeting. We requested Dir (HR) to review the progress on the agenda items of the earlier meetings held on 15.09.2015, 16.07.2015 and 04.08.2015. Records of discussion on the issues is as under:

1. Superannuation benefits to Direct Recruited executives as per the provision of sub-rule (23) of rule 37A of CCS pension rule and as per DPE guidelines. BSNL should contribute 12% of Basic + DA as Superannuation Benefits in respect of Direct Recruits and the effective date of implementation of Superannuation benefits of BSNL Recruited Employees must be 01.10.2000.

Director (HR) further informed that matter has been re-examined based on the feedback given by the Association and a revised proposal is being mooted to BSNL Management Committee shortly to increase the contribution from 3% to 6%. We continued to demanded 12% contribution as per DPE guidelines.

2.    Some issues related to Executive promotion policy (EPP) needs immediate settlement in addition to CPSU cadre hierarchy and first time bound promotion after 4 years of service in all these cases: Dir (HR) mentioned that the committee headed by ED (NB) will shortly submit the recommendations.

a. Time bound promotion from E-5 to E-6 to the DGMs promoted from Gr."B" Executives: Director (HR) directed GM (Pers) to put up the case in next board meeting positively delinking it from HR Plan after the approval of the competent authority.

b. Date of effect of Implementation of revised upgraded IDA Pay Scales for the Executives w.e.f. 1.10.2000 on notional basis: GM (Pers) informed that the matter is under consideration to GM (Estt). Director (HR) directed GM (Estt) to clear the case immediately and to put up her within 7 days' time for consideration.

c. Amendment in BSNL MSRRs of EE (Civil/Electrical/Arch): We extended our sincere thanks to Director (HR) for getting approval of the BSNL Board on allowing Diploma holder SDE (C/E) having 10 years technical experience for the promotion of EE (C/E). But we expressed our concern against the court cases in various courts and requested to get transferred all these court cases in in the Hon'ble PB CAT New Delhi. Dir (HR) assured to direct PGM (BW) for getting transferred all court cases in the Hon'ble PB CAT New Delhi.

3.  Conduction of various CPCs on a regular basis:

a. CPC from JTO to SDE (T) CPC against seniority cum fitness quota: Conduction of DPC for Seniority and fitness quota as per DoPT guidelines for the years 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14 to fill up about 6600 SDEs posts:  GM (Pers) informed that the draft reply has been sent to Kerala Circle for further submission to Hon'ble High Court Kerala and as soon as the stay order is vacated from the Hon'ble HC Kerala, the CPC will be expedited and promotion order of 4000 SDEs will be issued immediately. 

GM (Pers) further mentioned that in the stay order granted by Hon`ble CAT Chandigarh on promotion from JTO to SDE Telecom has been clubbed with AO to CAO court case and one Advocate has been nominated to take legal opinion from ASG/SG on the issue of SC/ST roster implementations on promotions the meeting with the nominated Advocate has been fixed up tomorrow to explain the case. Dir (HR), directed GM (Pers) to monitor the case closely and ensure an early solution.

b.  CPC from SDE (T)/DE(Adhoc) to DE Regular: Immediate CPC to fill up the left out about 11 DEs Posts and  about 750 DEs posts on regular basis up to the vacancies of  year 2013-14.

GM (Pers) informed that 11 DE's Promotion order of left out cases will be issued shortly and about 750 DEs promotion order on regular basis will be issued before 31st October, 2015 in case ACRs / VCRs are received, about 300 VCRs have been received. 

c.  CPC from DE to DGM (Engg.) on Adhoc/Regular basis to fill up about 700 DGM vacant posts: GM (Pers) informed that CPC work is in progress from DE to DGM and about 300 DGM promotions can be issued before 31st October, 2015 in case the ACRs/VCRs of the concerned DEs are received in Pers Cell, about 186 VCRs have been received.

d. CPC from JAO to AO and AO to CAO to fill up the vacant posts: Director (HR) assured to direct GM (FP) to expedite CPCs from JAO to AO and AO to CAO. She also directed GM (Pers) to sit with GM (FP) and ensure common reply to the Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh on SC/ST Roaster implementation.  She assured an early action in this regard.

e.  CPC from DGM (F)-Adhoc to DGM (F) - Regular basis: Director (HR) informed that the CPC work is in progress in SEA Cell & promotion orders will be issued shortly.

f. \CPCs from JTO (C/E) to SDE (C/E) and SDE(C/E) to EE(C/E): Director (HR) mentioned that CPCs from JTO(C/E) to SDE(C/E) are in progress. And the CPCs from SDE(C/E) to EE(C/E) have been initiated to fill up the vacant EE(C/E) posts and after the vacation of stay order the promotion orders will be issued.

g. CPCs from JTO (TF) to SDE (TF), SDE (TF) to DE/AGM (TF) and  LDCE from JTO (TF) to SDEs (TF): We extended thanks for issuing 12 DGM promotion orders in Telecom. Factory Wing and requested to expedite CPCs to fill up the SDE(TF) and AGM(TF) posts and to notified LDCE from JTO(TF) to SDE(TF) immediately Dir (HR) directed GM(Pers) to send the requisition to recruitment cell for the notification of LDCE immediately and GM (Pers) informed that SDE (TF) to AGM(TF) CPC has been expedited and shortly promotion order will be issued.

h. Promotion from Assistants to Section officers and Personal Assistant to Private Secretaries, SO to AGM and AGM to DGM in the erstwhile CSS and CSSS: GM (Pers) apprised that the promotions are up to date i.e. promotion from AM to DM- finalized and settled, promotion from PA to PS- LICE proposal already sent to DE section. To be notified shortly and examination is to be held in the 3rd qtr of this year as proposed by DE section, promotion from SO to AGM- Finalized and settled, promotion from AGM to DGM- Finalized and settled.

3. Post based promotions for PA/PS, common recruitment rules and nomenclature

and introduction of promotion policy for stenos (dying cadre): GM(Pers) informed that reports about number of posts in various circles have been received and case will be presented before committee headed by ED (CN) shortly. Dir (HR) directed GM (Pers) to ensure submission of committee report within one month period to the competent authority.

4.  Restructuring of AD(OL) Cadre:- The committee constituted under the Chairmanship of Shri Harsh Wardhan Addl. GM(CP&M) BSNL CO. has submitted the report to the competent authority to revise the pay scale of Rajbhasha Adhikari at PAR with SDE/AO Scale. Shortly the case will be put up to the competent authority for approval. We have demanded to restructure the cadre by change of designation as AD(OL) and to ensure promotion up to DD(OL) STS Grade.

GM (Pers) informed that the committee recommendation on restructuring of AD (OL) Cadre has been processed to the competent authority for approval and shortly the issue will be resolved after the approval of the BSNL Board. Dir (HR) assured an early decision in this regard.

5. Immediate implementation of digital signature by all circles with respect to EPF cases settlement of BSNL recruited employees, resolution of all EPF Anomalies, and EPF contribution during training period: Director (HR) further mentioned that the anomalies in the EPF for direct recruit executives are being resolved and the EPF contribution during the training period is being paid.

6. Promotions through LDCE in SDE cadre: We requested for early declaration of result for last LDCE and conduction of LDCE for promotion from JTO (T) to SDE (T) for the vacancy available till date.

GM (Pers) informed that an expert committee has been constituted to examine the grievances of the candidates and now the Answer key has been finalized and will be published shortly. The result is being prepared but the results will be declared only after clearance from Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh on SC/ST roaster implementation on promotions.

7. Settlement of pay anomaly cases wherein senior Executives are drawing less pay than their juniors and antedating of pay: AIBSNLEA pleaded to implement the Honorable Supreme Court judgment allowing stepping up of pay to all affected executives as the AIBSNLEA was party in the Apex court. Case of 124 executives decided based on court judgement. However as discussed in the meeting with Dir (HR) and union the case is to be seen in generality and gentility. GM (Pers) informed that the information of the eligible executives has been called from Circle to calculate the financial implications. We pleaded that information about retires is also required to be taken from Circles. Dir (HR), directed GM (Pers) to look into the matter.

Regarding antedating of pay, Director (HR) directed GM (Estt.) to hold further discussions with the association separately to resolve the issue at the earliest.

On the issue of an increment @ 3% at the time of executive time bound upgradation on their basic pay on time bound promotion and subsequently 3% increment benefit on vertical promotion, GM (Estt) informed that the case has been sent to EF Cell for financial concurrence and after receiving it the necessary orders will be issued in this regard.

8.   E1+5 Increments benefit to JTO (SRD), JAOs 2013 batch and PAs: The BSNL Management Committee has cleared the proposal of E1+5 Increments benefit to JTO (SRD), JAOs 2013 batch and PAs which is pending for BSNL Board approval.

Director (HR) directed GM(Estt.) to put up the case in the next board meeting positively de-linking from HR plan approval.

9.  Early finalization of New SDE RR-2014 & JTO RRs-2014 (without degradation of Scale & Qualification) and in line with the suggestions submitted by associations: Director (HR) informed that the SDE RR-2014 has been resubmitted before BSNL Board de linking from HR plan. Earlier Board had returned the case with remarks. To be decided after approval of HR plan. We extended our thanks for getting approve JTO (RR) in the last board meeting and requested to initiate the process of regularization of officiating JTOs and to conduct LICE. GM(Estt) confirmed that yesterday only the minutes of BSNL Board meeting has been received in the estt. Cell and shortly necessary action for regularization of officiating JTOs and conduction of LICE will be initiated.  

10. Recovery/ Reduction in pay and committee on officiating pay fixation: Committee reconstituted and first meeting held on 10th August 2015 .

11.  Request for fixation of pay in respect of departmental outsiders (TTAs) appointed as JTOs through JTO Direct recruitment 2007- Issuance of clarification regarding: TTA to JTO (Direct) quota pay fixation case: We pleaded to allow to exercise option on promotion to the JTOs recruited under Direct Quota after technical resignation from TTA Cadre as per DOP&T guidelines and other PSUs HR policies on the matter. Dir (HR) further directed GM(Estt.) to examine the case in detail for an early decision  as per the documents submitted by association side.

12.       Improvement in the revised policy for service GSM, RSRTC & Broadband to Executive:

a)    Enhancement of 200 free calls limit per month on RSTC & enhancement of free call limit on GSM Telephone connection to STS level officers from 500 to 800 calls.

b)   Rent free broadband service connection to all executive with BSNL 750 Plan. Sr. GM (Admn) has processed the case to the competent authority for rent free Broadband connection

c)    All the BSNL Executive should be provided GSM handsets of the cost Rs. 3000/-Rs. 4000/- & Rs. 5000/- to the JTO/SDE/DE level executive instead of Rs.1500/-, Rs. 2500, Rs.3500/- respectively.

d)   All executives should be allowed CUG facility on RSTC at Circle level.

e)    3G mobile service with Data facility to all Executives.

All above issue were discussed in details with justifications and it was assured by Director (HR) that all above issues are under consideration and shortly decision in regard will be taken. 

13. Extension of ERP Package for the benefit of the BSNL Pensioners and Extension of Concessional broadband facility to retired BSNL Employees residing under MTNL area as given by BSNL & MTNL to their serving and retired Employees residing in their respective service areas/ jurisdictions: Dir(HR.) directed DGM (Admn) to put up these issues immediately for consideration as already taken up by this association and pensioners association.

On the remaining old agenda items already discussed on 15.09.2015 will further be discussed in the next meeting with Dir (HR). Dir (HR) directed GM(Estt.) also to hold regular schedule meeting with the association to discuss the agenda items prior to the meeting with Dir (HR) as being done by GM(Pers).

The meeting ended with thanks to the chair. The discussions were very cordial, effective and fruitful the next meeting with Dir (HR) will be held on 28th October-2015.


7.10.2015:  To the Kind Attention of District     Secretaries

AO Looking after Arrangement order is delayed for want of VCR & Special Reports  from the SSAs . All the District Secretaries are requested to take up the issue with the SSA Administration and ensure early dispatch of  the same to the TN Circle Office.

 Dear Comrades! TN Circle Office issued DE(L/A) reversion orders and DE Looking After arrangement orders.


Dear Comrades! GS Writes to Shri Anupam Srivastava, CMD, BSNL regarding "Hungama" service to BSNL customers on Broadband


5.10.2015: Dear Comrades! It is reliably learnt that L/A orders in the cadre of SDE in respect 130 left out JTOs  will be issued by the TN Circle Office very shortly after getting approval from the CGM.


Dear Comrades! United Forum of Executives Associations writes to CMD, BSNL regarding framing of Direct DGM RR with intention to recruit inferior candidates from targeted group and completely debarring the internal candidates possessing all the qualifications, talent and experience at higher side - our submission for thorough examination and investigation.


5.10.2015: Dear Comrades! Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations has given a call  to organize powerful demonstration on 06.10.2015, at Circle and SSA levels, demanding immediate payment of Adhoc PLI. All the District Secretaries are requested to take the initiative to coordinate with all other unions and associations for organizing the Lunch Hour/Closing Hour demonstration at SSA Level in a successful manner. Join Enmass and  Make it a Grand Success!


Comrades, Father of Our CHQ President Com. Venugopal expired today. Ceremation will take place tomorrow (05/10/2015) by 10:00 AM at Jedarpalayam PO, Oduvankurichi via Rasipuram Tk, Salem Dt.

AIBSNLEA conveys  its  deep condolences to him and the bereaved Family members


Dear Comrades,

In Circle Office, TN Circle, Chennai, 6 Jr.Accounts Officers were promoted to AO on look-on basis.  Congratulations to the promoted comrades.   Orders may be seen below.

AO look-on orders-Circle Office


'BSNL DAY - 2015'




GS Message on the occasion of BSNL DAY-2015: Now the time comes, we have to analyze our strength and weakness and will follow the motivated team work strategy in BSNL and everyone should try to justify his Job on daily basis and ensure the best utilization of the existing infrastructures in order to meet the Quality of Services, Customer Care/Customers Satisfaction and Expansion of BSNL's Business so that the revenue of the company increases multifold- GS AIBSNLEA



Dear Comrades! Com Tamilselvi, SR AO, Madurai Expired on 30.9.2015 17:30 Hrs. AIBSNLEA convey  its  deep condolences to the bereaved Family members.


                                    CHQ NEWS

 30.9.2015: Dear Comrades! Sh. M.A. Khan, ED(NB) and Chairman Committee on E2 & E3 pay scales for JTO & SDE equivalent executives & CPSU Cadre Hierarchy has submitted its recommendations to the Competent Authority. The respective sections of BSNL Corporate Office i.e. Estt. Cell and Restructuring Cell respectively will process the cases to the Competent Authority for approval. After the approval of Competent Authority on committee report, the report will be sent to BSNL Management Committee for approval & thereafter to BSNL Board for approval. After the approval of the BSNL Board, the Committee recommendations will be send to DoT for consideration and approval and thereafter the committee recommendations will be implemented.

This process may takes minimum 4 to 5 months if every things goes smooth. On both the issues, the official side members i.e. GM(Estt.) and GM(EF) has given the dissent note. AIBSNLEA efforts will continues to get implemented the committee report.

Dear Comrades! Posting orders issued by Tamilnadu Circle Office for the SDE Inter Circle Transfers is published below.

29.9.2015: Dear Comrades!  T.N Circle Office issued transfer orders today in the cadre of Accounts Officer as detailed below.

1.Com.Narayanan, Sr.AO, C.O, Chennai to VGR SSA

2.Com.Srinivasan, AO, Coonoor to MA SSA

3.Com.Anandhi , AO, TR to MA SSA

4 .Com.Sekar, AO, VGR to MA SSA

5. Com.Arunkumar, AO, TR to MA SSA

Orders are enclosed for the information of members.

Order Number-1 Order Number-2