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On 18.10.2019, CS, FS and Com.V.Sundararajan met the GM (HR&Admn.) and discussed the following:

1.   Transfer case of Com.Prabhakaran, SDE (OL) – we thanked him for considering the case of Com.Arulselvi, SDE (OL) and requested to consider the request of Com.Prabhakran also.

2.   Temporary transfer case of Com.R.Shrividhvya JTO to Chennai.

3. DE (L/A) to BSS/KMB – Case of Com.T.Asokan – It was informed that one regular DE is posted there. We requested, if he is not willing or not relieved from Trichy, L/A arrangement may be considered.

4.  Requested for posting of Com.Rajasekar, AGM to Kumbakonam SSA. It was informed by the Management that he will be posted for Thanjavur BA.


Message to our GS

Dear GS,

As you are aware well, the recoveries made from the Salary of the Employees are NOT remitted to the Banks, LIC, GPF, Society etc.

In this connection I wish to request you to kindly take up with the Management to give TOP priority to the recovery towards LIC. LIC premiums are not remitted for the last 5 months. If the same is not remitted this month also, then the policy will be made inactive and claim for any fatal incidents will not be honoured by the LIC. Also for the survivors, they have to go for medical examination for renewal.

Hence the recovery towards LIC/PLI premium amount may be arranged to be remitted before end of this month either in full or at least two or three months so that the policies will be alive.


CS, FS and Com.V.Sundararajan, ACS met the DGM (HR) and discussed the following issues.

1.      Transfer Cases of Com.Prabhakaran, SDE (OL)/CDL & Com.Ramamohan, SDE (OL)/TNJ.

2.      L/A arrangement in the cadre of DE – Case of Com. Asokan, BSS, KMB

3.      Issue of EPP-Time bound Promotion Orders – Case of Com. Kavettirangan, SDE (OL)/CBE

4. Issue of Confirmation Orders – Case of Com. Jayachandran, AGM, CDL

5.  Request transfer – Case of Com.Vallikkannu, DE - Posting to Trichy.

6.      Promotion case of PA to PS.

7. Mutual transfer case of Com.Malli Ramanaiah JTO/ Mudukulathur.

8.   L/A arrangement in the cadre of SDE – Case of the SDEs who are reverted due to Court Case.


Dear Comrades,

One Day Hunger Strike on 18.10.2019

The All Unions and Associations of BSNL (AUAB) have served upon a notice to the Secretary (Telecom), DoT and the CMD, BSNL for One Day Fast on 18.10.2019 in protest against the non-payment of salary in time, non-payment of wages to contract workers, electricity bills, rentals etc. and total ban on capital expenditure along with other issues related with Revival of BSNL.

1.   Immediate Payment of Salary for the month of Sept-2019 and Payment of Salary to BSNL employees on due date.

2.       Payment of wages to contract workers, payment of electricity and rental charges.

3.   For Revival - Immediate allotment of 4G Spectrum, Financial Assistance/ Soft Loan and Land Monetization.

4.   Implementation of 3rd PRC, Pension Revision, 30% SAB to BSNL Recruited Employees.

5.   Immediate Payment of GPF, Bank Loan EMI, LIC/PLI Premium, Union Subscriptions etc.

All the Officer bearers and leaders are requested to make the programme a grand success!

All the members are requested to participate en-masse!!



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Time Bound Up-gradation of Executives E-5 to E-6 (JAG NFSG) – in respect of Finance Executives, Order has been issued for the first set, on 04.10.2019. Orders for the left out officers will be issued soon.

Sincere Thanks to the Finance Wing


Transfer Cases of DEs/DGMs


There is no justification on the part of the Management not considering the request transfers to the DGMs/DEs those who are transferred out of their Home Circle on Promotion/Longstanding basis even after completing two years stay and also crossed 58 years of age.


The officers those who have obeyed the orders of the BSNL CO and joined in the new place of Posting on Promotion/Transfer shall be honoured by the Management by considering their transfer request on completion of two years of stay at least on OWN Cost. Moreover they have crossed 58 years of age and about another six months over. At least now, if the transfer orders are issued; it will take two to three months for getting relief and joining in their Home Circle and they can stay in their home circle at the verge of their retirement.


The new policy of the Management for considering the request transfer only on completion of 59 years of age is NOT AT ALL JUSTIFIED. Posting of substitute for considering their requests is also NOT CORRECT. One side the Management is recommending for reduction of retirement age from 60 to 58. Another side reduction of staff through VRS is also being discussed. If any of one of the above proposals is implemented, then from where they will get substitutes. There are DEs eligible for look on DGMs available in those Circles and after issue of promotion orders in the cadre of DE/AGM, sufficient AGMs are also available.


Hence considering the request transfer of DGMs/DEs is highly justified and the CHQ should demand for issue of transfer orders for all the DGMs/DEs those who have completed two years stay on own cost.



Time Bound Up-gradation of Executives E-5 to E-6 (JAG NFSG) – in respect of Engineering Officers,  Order has been issued for the first set, on 01.10.2019, the date from which they are due. Orders for the left out officers will be issued soon.

Hats off to the Management & HR Wing!!

We expect the orders will be issued for Finance Officers also early. 


30-09-2019: Comrade S. Sivakumar, GS AIBSNLEA spokes to National Herald:

In an interview to National Herald Comrade S. Sivakumar, GS, AIBSNLEA told the reporter that BSNL delays salary again.

The employees of the state-run Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) have not got their salaries for two months in a row and those employed with Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) have not got their September salary.

MTNL employees have not got their August and September salary. Their July salary was credited in the last week of September. There has been silence since then about the salaries due for the month of August and September. 

“After much deliberation, the July salary was credited just a few days ago. August and September salaries are now pending. We will protest soon,” said AK Kaushik, general secretary of the Telecom Executive Association of MTNL (Delhi-Mumbai). 

In case of BSNL, this is the third consecutive month where salaries have been delayed. The employees got their August salary after it was delayed for almost 20 days. Now, the employees expect a similar delay for the September salary too. Earlier, this year the February salary was paid much later in March. 

The BSNL trade unions have called for a “lunch-hour demonstration” on Tuesday, October 1, to protest against salary delay and non-payment of wages to contract workers and total ban on capital expenditure. BSNL has demanded that the government must take the responsibility of paying all the BSNL employees it is the owner of the company. 

The unions have demanded allotment of 4G Spectrum, land monetisation, payment of salary by due date, payment to contract workers and implementation of third pay revision. The payment of pension contribution by BSNL, as per government rules, is also on their charter of demands. 

Salaries of both BSNL and MTNL are supposed to be credited on the last working day of the month. BSNL’s salary expenses are about ₹800 crore, as the firm employs 1,63,902 personnel, of which, 46,597 are executives and 1,17,305 non-executives. MTNL has about 22,000 employees and the salary expenses come up to Rs 160 crore. 

BSNL Revival Plan

A group of secretaries was asked to study and decide on the fate of the ailing PSU. No conclusive consensus has been reached yet. A meeting called by the principal secretary to the PM PK Mishra to also reach a decision about the fate of BSNL and MTNL did not reach a conclusion. It was attended by the top officials of BSNL, MTNL, officials from the PMO and Niti Aayog. 

BSNL has been seeking the allocation of 4G spectrum, but the government has not yet allotted it. “Now, the government is asking for guarantees that the allocation of 4G spectrum would help in reviving BSNL,” explained S Sivakumar, General Secretary of BSNL Executive Association.


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27.09.2019Protest Lunch Hour Demonstration on 01.10.2019 - the BSNL Day

The Unions and Associations of BSNL have served upon a notice to the Secretary (Telecom), DoT and the CMD, BSNL for lunch hour demonstration on 01.10.2019 in protest against the non-payment of salary in time, non-payment of wages to contract workers, electricity bills, rentals etc. and total ban on capital expenditure along with other issues related with Revival of BSNL.

Unions and Associations further demanded that if BSNL is not able to pay the salary, Govt. should pay the salary to all BSNL employees being the Principal Employer and owner of the company.

Charter of Demands

1. Immediate allotment of 4G Spectrum and Land Monetization.

2. Payment of Salary to BSNL employees on due date by BSNL or DoT.

3. Payment of wages to contract workers, payment of electricity and rental charges.

4. Implementation of 3rd Pay Revision.

5. Honour the Commitments given by Union Cabinet in 2000 to ensure financial viability of BSNL:

i) Financial support for loss making Rural Exchanges.

ii) Extend soft loan to BSNL/ Sovereign Guarantee for it’s capital expenditures.

iii) Remove the total ban on capital expenditure by BSNL. Allow field units capital expenditure, where revenue is assured.

6. No Retrenchment & No Roll Back of Retirement age to 58.

7. Payment of Pension Contribution by BSNL as per the Govt. Rule.

All the CHQ Office Bearers, Circle Secretaries, District Secretaries and activists are requested ensure 100% participation in the Lunch Hour Demonstration on 01.10.2019 and make it a grand success. All the constituent Unions and Associations may be contacted for making the Programme successful.

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27.09.2019: Progress in DGM (Adhoc) promotion - Meeting with Director (HR): DE to DGM promotions are badly affected due to an MA filed by the BSNL in Hon CAT, Chandigarh seeking permission for DGM (Adhoc) promotion which was repeatedly getting adjourned, without hearing. Now, it is posted to December, 2019. The DGM DPC has almost been over in the first week of January 2019. But due to the pending court cases it could not be concluded till date. Meanwhile, now no objection from all the 5 applicants in the original OA for going ahead with the DGM(Adhoc) promotions have been obtained in the last week. Thus one of the major hurdles has now been over in this case. GS, AGS (Finance) and FS met Director (HR) and PGM (Pers) along with the GS & AGS of SNEA in the evening and requested to expedite the process so that promotion orders can be issued by Monday, 30.09.2019. Director (HR) assured to make all efforts to issue the promotion orders by Monday even though a lot of formalities are pending.
27.09.2019: Meeting with CMD BSNL: GS & AGS (Finance) met CMD BSNL. We enquired about the outcome of yesterday’s meeting in PMO regarding Revival of BSNL, disbursement of Salary for the Month of September’ 2019, remittance of salary recoveries & other payments like Electricity bills & Rent etc., CMD BSNL mentioned that no positive decision has emerged in the yesterday’s PMO Meeting. A Committee consists of Four Secretaries was formed with the directions to study whether Revival of BSNL is necessary and submit it’s report within a week. CMD BSNL appreciated our concern and mentioned that presently we are earning the revenue only about Rs.1300 crores per month whereas our monthly expenditure is more than 2200 crores. In the month of Sept.’ 2019 we have to pay the quarterly payment of Principal & Interest to the tune of Rs.750 crores to various Bank Loans and huge amount towards Electricity Bills is also pending. Today we have released Rs.300 crores including Electricity Bills. Hence for the disbursement of the salary for Sept.’ 2019, we are depending on our cash flow only to be received from tomorrow onwards. Since Nationalised Banks are not come forward to sanction loans to BSNL on the basis of ‘Letter of Comfort’ issued by DoT, we have no other option but to earn more revenue to meet out all our expenditures including salary as well as we have to minimize the expenditures including reduction in the Contractual Labours. We requested that periodical meetings with the General Secretaries of the Unions and Associations, who are also the Stakeholders of the Company may be conducted to get better results and coordination between Management and Employees for the betterment of the BSNL. We further suggested that before issuing of the instructions to the field units to achieve the targets and deduction of salary/ disciplinary action for not achieving the targets etc., the Strategies to be evolved to come out of the present crisis, the working pattern of the BSNL Executives/ Non-executives in the changed scenario and better utilization of BSNL Manpower in Marketing & other Outdoor Activities to compete with the other Private Operators to be discussed with the Representatives of the Recognized Unions and Associations of BSNL for the betterment of the Company and to regain its original pristine glory. After the detailed discussions, CMD BSNL appreciated our concern and opined that AIBSNLEA may come out with the suggestions for the betterment of BSNL and to maximize the revenue. CMD further assured the Management is planning to conduct the combined meeting of all Unions and Associations with the Management in the 2nd week of October’ 2019. Regarding DE to DGM (T) Promotion, we requested CMD BSNL to issue necessary instructions for the immediate issuance of DGM (T) Promotion order on or before 30.09.2019 subject to VC clearance. CMD mentioned that he is not the aware of the latest status of the case. However, he advised to discuss the matter with Director (CM/HR).