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Appeal from CHQ

- The MT recruitment process must be withdrawn to provide smooth career progression to the JTO/JAO  and SDE/AO equivalent executives in BSNL.


- The uncertainty created on settlement of the HR issues due to introduced hurdle of Remuneration Committee must be avoided and all the HR issues cleared by the BSNL Management Committee should be approved by the BSNL Board instead of sending to Board’s Remuneration Committee.

Guidelines for the proposed Relay Hunger Fast from 07th July 2015 to 09th July 2015:

·      All members of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA should participate in the Hunger Fast Program dividing themselves into 3 batches for 3 days. Unwell members should also participate, however, may be for a lesser period.

·      Hunger Fast should start at 10.00 hrs and continue up to 18.00 hrs. All the participants must take their seat by 1000 hrs availing casual leave for the day and must not leave the place except for natures call.

·      The participants may take only drinking water if required and nothing else (tea, biscuit etc) during the period of the Fast.

·     Other members, who are not sitting for the Hunger Fast on that day, must attend the camp during lunch hours for demonstration. Remember that they are also on “Work According to Rule” Program hence their full concentration should be towards the agitation only and nowhere else.

·      Use of mobile phones should be minimum and only for urgent cause. Attending official calls sitting at the “Hunger Fast” place must be avoided.

·      Decorate the “Hunger Fast” suitably by banners and posters displaying the demands and the deprivations.

·      Remember future of the executives is depending on successful implementation of the agitation program.




Dear Comrades! Congratulations!Due to consistent and sustained efforts of AIBSNLEA TN Circle,Transfer orders issued to Com.Radhakrishnan, DGM(F)/TT to CMTS, Trichy. Our sincere thanks to CGMT, TN Circle& PGM(F)

2.7.2015: Dear Comrades, a grand felicitation function was conducted by the AIBSNLEA, Coimbatore Dist.Branch to Felicitate Com.Pushparaj, DGM(F), Com.Mani, DGM(TR), Com.Marisamy,DGM(CMTS) & Com.N.Veerapandian, Former CS,  at Coimbatore on 1.7.2015. The meeting was presided over by Com.Kandasamy, CAO. Com.Velusamy, DS welcomed the gathering. Com.Sivakumar,CS, Com.Sivaraj, Circle O.S, Com.Usmanali Ex.DS, Com.Vanaraj, Ex.DS Com.C.Palanisamy, VP,AIBSNLPEWA,Com.Srinivasan,Coonoor, Com.Kooti, Ex.DS, NFTE and  so many comrades from Erode, Tiruppur,   PGM Office Coimbatore & Electrical wing attended the Function and felicitated the Retired Comrades. The yeomen services rendered by Com.Veerapandian in NFTE, AIJTOA & AIBSNLEA  and Com.Pushparaj in the erstwhile AFSOA  was remembered by the most of the Speakers. The retired Comrades were presented with shawl and mementos. Finally the Retired Comrades had given acceptance speech. The meeting came to an end with the vote of thanks by Com.Vanaraj.


2.7.2015: Dear Comrades! As per the call given by  the United Forum of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA Lunch hour Demonstration has been successfully conducted  at all the SSA Head Quarters and Circle Office, Chennai. CS participated in the Lunch hour demonstration held at Coimbatore.

On behalf of AIBSNLEA, TN Circle, We congratulate each and every one who took part in this Demonstration despite the odds of hot weather.



Demonstration on 01st July, 2015 at SSA/Circle levels

Dear Comrades! We extend our sincere thanks to all the executives for their active participation in today's demonstration and making it a grand success through out the country at all SSAs and Circle Head Quarters. The Demonstration at BSNL CO will be organized tomorrow i.e.02.07.2015 during the lunch hour. All the CHQ / Circle Office bearers and Branch Secretaries of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA are requested to ensure 100% participation of our members in the three days hunger fast from 7th July to 9th July 2015 observing 'Work according to Rule' program strictly. The agitation program will continue till the time the MT Recruitment process is withdrawn and all pending HR issues are resolved.

The  MT recruitment in E-3 grade will become the bottle neck in the career prospects of the BSNL Gr. B level executives in the similar manner which we have experienced in the DoT era wherein one direct recruit JTO having qualification of BSc /BE Ist Division could get only one / two promotions in his entire service career. In DoT set up we fought decades together for the removal of the bottle neck i.e. Junior Time Scale ( i.e. ADET / ACAO / AEE) recruitment from the career prospects of Gr. B level officers. Through this JTS recruitment  process 826 JTS (ADET) posts were being filled up by 50% from UPSC and 50% from SDEs on seniority quota. The recruitment through UPSC on year to year basis was continuing in DoT till 2001 but the DPCs from SDE (T) to ADET through UPSC were not being conducted six / seven years hence, SDEs (T) were retiring as DE (Adhoc) only. Similar will be the situation in BSNL, where MTs will occupy all JAG/SAG/HAG equivalent post and the JTO/JAO will retires as DE/CAO only. Hence, MT recruitment will block the career prospects of BSNL executives through normal channel of promotions and create a cadre war.

BSNL management is not filling up the vacant JAG/ STS / Gr.B equivalent post in all disciplines on the pretext of court cases or amendment in BSNL MSRR  and every month our executives are retiring without getting their due promotions. Also many cadre's related issues are not being settled with an indifferent attitude.

Through our struggle, the ulterior motive of BSNL Management has to be defeated to safe guard the future of  executives in BSNL. This is a very serious struggle for DO or DIE.




30.6.2015 All the Branch Secretaries are requested to conduct demonstration on 1st July 2015  at all SSAs /Circle Office during lunch hour as per the Call given by  the United Forum of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA. Please ensure 100% participation.


30.6.2015: AIBSNLEA, TN Circle wishes a Happy, peaceful and Healthy Retired life to all who retired today on their superannuation


Dear Comrades! Our Beloved AIBSNLEA CHQ Advisor(South) Com.V.K.Paramasivam , AO(Planning), Madurai is Retiring Tomorrow(30.6.2015). AIBSNLEA TN Circle wishes him a Happy, Healthy & Peaceful Retired Life. His services will continue to pour in as Leader to AIBSNLEA as long as he wished to do so.

Our beloved Com.VKP,  All India CHQ Advisor(South) AIBSNLEA retires on 30th June. Com VKP entered the P&T Department as LDC through SSC on 01/01/1982. Three  decades of his untiring service in the erstwhile Department of Telecom and in BSNL is standing as an example to all the Executives. Com.VKP is a powerful orator, effective organizer and a true leader and always stood for unity among executives and non-executives.  Because of his approach and implanting the trade union culture among the cadres, front line leaders and second line leaders have emerged who could hereafter lead the organization.

In spite of ill health,  he is definitely a committed leader who stood in the forefront always and almost he  spent his entire service for the betterment of working class.  His role in the mother organization NFPTE in various capacities made unforgettable imprints.  His association with the local trade unions made him leader of the masses.  Vast knowledge about the Departmental procedures especially in pay anomaly cases & Pay Fixation cases and understanding of the problems of different cadres made him a leader of wisdom.

After his remarkable trade union service in the non executive level and Central Government Employees Movement, he passed the JAO Exam in 1995. He was elected as ACS in the erstwhile AFSOA   and served from 1999 to 2004. The practice of Accounts personnel transferred in bulk from TN Circle was in vogue at that time. Com VKP raised his voice that no more transfer should be made in the Accounts Cadre from TN and proposed  a formula that it should be based on the recruitment of new JAOs.Com VKP devoted his valuable time day and night along with Com.Sivakumar & Com.Duraiarasan  for bringing out Master Guide for JAO Part- I Examination(Screening Test) in record time by the AFSOA, TN Circle during 2005. The Master Guide has received attention in All India Level which paved way for the Non executives to become JAOs in bulk at that period.

He was functioning as CWC member of AIBSNLEA from 2004 to 2007. He was transferred to Gujarat Circle on 21.6.2007 and he has formed the AIBSNLEA Branch at Bhav Nagar and elected as Vice President of AIBSNLEA Gujarat Circle. When he returned to Tamilnadu Circle, he was elected as CWC Member in the 3rd AIBSNLEA Circle Conference held at Coimbatore during March 2010. He is always in forefront along with CS and Circle Office bearers in all the Struggles. He played a key role along with the Circle Office bearers for the  fought against the authoritarian, autocratic and inhuman approach of Cadre Controlling Authority of Accounts in Tamilnadu Circle during March 2012 which proved that AIBSNLEA is a force to be reckoned with which could not be ignored.

Com VKP guided for conducting classes at Madurai, Virudhunagar and Karaikudi and he personally taken pain to go to all the SSAs for coaching the non-executives and thus nearly 50 comrades became as JAOs. Com VKP, Com Sivakumar and their team taken much more pain for the compilation of Master Guide for JAO Part –II Examination and its release in time by the AIBSNLEA TN Circle. Due to their sustained and constructive efforts more number of Non Executives passed the JAO Part –II Examination  in Tamilnadu Circle and  they are now working as JAOs.

He was elected as CHQ Advisor of AIBSNLEA in the 3rd AIBSNLEA All India Conferenceheld  at Kolkatta during January 2011and relected in the 4th All India Conference held at Nasik  and holds the position of CHQ Advisor(South). He played a vital role  for the  settlement  so many complicated  pay fixations issues at Corporate office through CHQ .


             Com.VKP is a sincere, dedicated and honest leader of our times in the Trade Union Movement and we feel proud that we are fortunate to have him as CHQ Advisor for two consecutive terms without any interval and a legendary leader that history will ever remember.     

            He is retiring only from BSNL Services. His Services are required for the AIBSNLEA and the whole BSNL Trade Union movement. We express our deep gratitude and wish him a Healthy and active retirement life in the years to come.

Long live Com. VKP !

Long live AIBSNLEA!

Workers Unity Zindabad!

Working Class unity Zindabad!



26.06.2015 : Status of the Court case in JTO to SDE promotion in Hon'ble High Court Kerala at Ernakulam:  Dear Comrades! The information  published by SNEA(I) in their CHQ website and TN Circle Website   on 25th and 26th June, 2015 regarding  JTO to SDE promotion case  pending in the Hon'ble High Court of Kerala,  is wrong  and misleading.  SNEA(I) is not a party at all in the Hon'ble CAT as well in the appeal pending with Hon'ble HC.  Only AIBSNLEA  impleaded as  rep. No.16  in the OA filed by some of the JTOs in CAT Ernakulam.  No other association was a party in it. As they are not a party in it,   how can  they say that they ( SNEA(I) ) filed an  MA for early posting in HC?

It is published in the SNEA site that AIBSNLEA got impleaded in this case in CAT,  only to claim that they have filed an MA along with BSNL for urgent hearing. This is not true. In this matter  AIBSNLEA got impleaded to protect the genuine and  legitimate interests of its members. We do not know why the other association  did not became a  party in it with  their own identity. But they pretend otherwise and publish false statements to misguide general members.

It is stated by the SNEA(I) that the "Hon'ble court directed to complete the service to AIBSNLEA and then list the case". This itself implies that, notice has not so far been served to AIBSNLEA in this matter. There is no case of not accepting the notice by respondent No.16 (AIBSNLEA). On the other hand,  there is a case of not serving the notice by the authority concerned  which is actually a matter beyond the control of the respondent. However, AIBSNLEA filed a fresh Vakalthnama and entrusted the matter with a competent advocate in the High Court for taking notice and proceeding further in this matter, without waiting for a formal notice service. Our general members may please realize that the other association is simply trying  to fish out of troubled water.

This unjust write-up of SNEA(I) mislead the JTOs and is nothing but outcome of their frustration in the ongoing situations and to divert the attention of executives.

AIBSNLEA in true sense is safeguarding the interest of entire BSNL executives community that is why immediately AIBSNLEA got impleaded in Hon'ble CAT Ernakulam in this case whereas SNEA(I) did not bothered to impleade in the case.  AIBSNLEA will ensure early hearing of the case to break the stalemate in JTO to SDE promotion.



Dear Comrades! United Forum of BSNL Executives' Associations (AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA)  serves a notice for resuming the deferred organizational actions to protest against the arbitrary recruitment of Management Trainee and non-settlement of long pending HR issues in BSNL. The Protest actions and the Schedule of the agitations is as follows-

Ø  Lunch Hour Demonstration on 1st July, 2015 at all SSA/Circle/Corporate Office level.

Ø  Hunger Fast for three days from 10.00 Hrs. to 18.00 Hrs. on 7th, 8th and 9th July, 2015 at    all SSA/Circle/Corporate Office level.

Ø  “Work According to Rule” program with effect from 00.00 Hrs. of 7th July, 2015 till    withdrawal of the MT Recruitment and settlement of the pending HR issues.

Ø  दिल्ली चलो” [Delhi Chalo] and “Indefinite Dharna” at BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi with effect from 22nd July, 2015 till withdrawal of the MT Recruitment and settlement of the pending HR issues.

All the Circle Office Bearers, CWC Members and Branch Secretaries are requested to take this agitation very seriously and initiate all out efforts for successful implementation by 100% active participation of our members.



24.6.2015: Dear Comrades! As per the decision of the competent authority, a committee has been formed to discuss the issue of recruitment of Management Trainee (Telecom Operation/Telecom Finance) from Internal and External candidate. The committee meeting was held today at 15.00 Hrs. GS AIBSNLEA, President AIGETOA, GS SNEA (I) and AGS AIBSNLOA attended the meeting.

 GM (Pers) initiated the meeting and briefed the requirement of MT Recruitment in BSNL as per BSNL Board decision and explained the efforts to settle the pending HR issues of the Executives. He invited the opinion/ comments of the representatives of the Executives’ Associations. Three Executive Associations (AIBSNLEA, AIGETOA and AIBSNLOA) unanimously demanded for immediate withdrawal of MT Recruitment notification and impressed upon to finalize the CPSU cadre hierarchy. However, one Association (SNEA (I)) was of the view that MT Recruitment process should not be stopped on the pretext that if they wait till  finalization of the CPSU cadre hierarchy  then their members will cross the age of 50 years and they will not be eligible to appear in the MT Recruitment Examination. All the Executive Associations also demanded to fill up the vacant SDEs/DEs/DGMs equivalent posts immediately in a time bound manner. GM (Pers) after hearing the views mentioned that he will like to study the CPSU cadre hierarchy related material and will convene next meeting of the committee during the coming week.

 AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA categorically told that holding of committee meeting will be fruitful only when the MT Recruitment notification is withdrawn immediately otherwise the discussions will be of no use, merely a wastage of time and we cannot give a long rope to the Management on this issue. Hence, we will be forced to resume the deferred agitation program immediately.




22.6.2015: Dear Corades! GS discussed with CMD, BSNL regarding the outcome of the BSNL Board Meeting on yesterday on the approval of HR issues cleared by MC on withdrawal of MT recruitment. CMD informed that some HR issues cleared by MC came for discussion in BSNL Board wherein Board prefers that first all the HR issues should be discussed in remuneration committee in BSNL Board thereafter these issues should be put up to BSNL Board for approval. Hence, after the clearance of remuneration committee, all the HR issues will be put up to BSNL  Board for approval.

Regarding MT recruitment withdrawal, CMD informed that matter was discussed in the Board Meeting & the concern of the executives was appraised to the Board and after some informal discussions, Board authorized CMD BSNL to re-look into the matter. He advised us to discuss the matter in person on Monday/Tuesday

20.6.2015: Dear Comrades!GS writes to CMD, BSNL regarding introduction of Group Mediclaim Policy for the Executives of BSNL for Indoor treatment under BSNLMRS


Dear Comrades. Congratulations!

The transfer case of Com. P.R.Sridharan, DE (BSS) from Erode to Kumbakonam settled. Our sincere thanks to the CGM,TN and PGM(O & Admn),TN Circle for the immediate settlement.

Our Circle Org. Secretary, Com.V.Karthikesan, Sr.AO has been given CAO (LA),Thanjavur. Our sincere thanks to PGM(F),TN Circle for speedy settlement.

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