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14.11.2018: Today we CS, CP & FS met the GM HR and discussed the following issues:

1. NOC for going abroad – Cases of Salem SDEs: GM HR opined that this cases can be decided by the SSA Head. However he informed that he will appraise the ruling position, if the cases are referred to Circle Office.

2. Transfer case of Com.Suresh Khanna JTO Trichy to Madurai – The case is under consideration.

Also it is informed by the GM HR that one SDE will be posted to Madurai Nodal Centre. Option, if any, for the same will be considered. 


14.11.2018:  Meeting with Director (HR) BSNL Board: GS, President met Director (HR) and discussed regarding

A) AO to CAO Promotion: We requested Director (HR) for the issuance of AO to CAO Promotion orders. Director (HR) informed that Second Legal Opinion from the Sr.Advocate has been received and Sr.GM (FP) has been directed to process for the issuance of AO to CAO Promotion orders. She assured an early action in this regard.

B) Settlement of AUAB Demands: Director (HR) informed that today morning at 1000 hrs Secretary (T) called her to discuss regarding the ongoing Agitation Programme of AUAB even after the meeting held on 2.11.2018. Director (HR) appraised to Secretary (T) that in the meeting held on 02.11.2018 positive assurances were given by the Secretary (T) in the presence of all the Senior Officers of DOT/BSNL to the AUAB Leaders. But on 6.11.2018 DoT issued a letter to BSNL wherein practically all the demands of AUAB have been denied in a calculated manner. After seeing the Dot letter dated 6.11.2018 Secretary (T) got annoyed and called the JS (Admin) and Director (PSU) and fired them that how such letter has been issued to BSNL without the concurrence of her good office. Secretary(T) reiterated her assurances and directed JS(A) to issue corrigendum and accordingly the DoT has sent another letter to BSNL today evening toning down the earlier letter wherein it is mentioned that DoT queries are to be immediately replied by BSNL and thereafter DoT will take immediate action on 3rd PRC recommendations, regarding Payment of Pension contribution on actual basic DoT will give a positive note to DOE and the Cabinet Note approved by Hon.ble MOSC(I/C) has been sent for Inter-Ministerial Circulation. We extended thanks to Director (HR) for her timely intervention and mentioned that AUAB will continue its Agitation Programme till the time all the demands are not settled.

Sr.GM(FP), GM(SR) and GM(SR) were also present in the meeting.

Dear comrades,

The AUAB met at New Delhi today and decided to organise indefinite strike from 03-12-2018, demanding settlement of wage revision, 4G spectrum and other issues. It is also decided to boycot the execution of all government projects like NOFN, NFS and LWE from 03-12-2018. Immediately give wide publicity to this news and organise the employees for the indefinite strike. Detailed communication follows.

13.11.2018: Meeting with CMD BSNL: GS, President & AGS (Finance), met CMD BSNL and discussed regarding 
 A) Meeting with Secretary (T) regarding Implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNLand other demands of AUAB :We expressed our concern against the queries raised by the DOT on 3rd PRC implementation in BSNL despite the assurances given by the Hon.ble MOSC(I/C) and Secretary (T) which needs to be further discussed in DOT /Ministry. We explained that in case the assurances given by the Hon.ble MOSC and Secy (T) are not implemented AUAB will go for serious agitations in terms of even Indefinite Strike. CMD assured to discuss the matter in DOT. 
 B) AO to CAO Promotion: We requested CMD for the early issuance of Promotion order from AO to CAO. CMD mentioned that Second legal opinion on SC/ST roaster implementation on Promotions is being taken by the Director (HR) from a Sr. Advocate and assured that immediate action will be taken on receipt of the Second Legal opinion.

 C) CAO to DGM (F) Promotion: We requested CMD for the early issuance of promotion order from CAO to DGM (Finance) since every month executives are retiring. CMD BSNL mentioned that he has asked some queries on CAO to DGM (Fin) Promotion and assured that the Promotion orders will be issued after the receipt of the replies from the Cadre Controlling Authority.

12.11.2018: Meeting with Director (HR) BSNL Board: Meeting with Director (HR) BSNL Board: GS, AGS (Finance), AGS(DR) and CS(Delhi) met Director (HR), BSNL Board and discussed regarding

A) Meeting with Secretary (T) regarding Implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNLand other demands of AUAB :We discussed regarding implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL , Director(HR) mentioned that DOT has asked many queries on 3rd PRC implementation in BSNL which reflects that DOT is not keen to settle the issue. We explained that in case the assurances given by the Hon.ble MOSC and Secy (T) are not implemented AUAB will go for harder trade union actions Programmes.

B) AO to CAO Promotion: We requested to issue promotion order from AO to CAO and CAO to DGM(Finance). Director(HR) after some discussions immediately called Sr.GM(FP), GM(Pers) &DGM(Pers) in the presence of GM(SR) and OSD and discussed regarding AO to CAO Promotion wherein she directed GM(Pers) to send a letter to Sr. Advocate by today itself for taking second legal opinion on SC/ST roaster implementation on Promotions. She informed that CMD has agreed to issue AO to CAO promotion also by ensuring that contempt of court case should be avoided while issuing promotion order. She also directed Sr.GM(FP) that immediate action should be taken once formal communication receive from Advocate.

C) CAO to DGM(F) Promotion: We resented against the delay in the process of promotion from CAO to DGM(F) as every month executives are retiring. Director HR along with Sr.GM(FP) and GM (Pers) discussed the matter with CMD BSNL immediately wherein CMD BSNL has asked some queries on CAO to DGM(Fin) Promotion which will be replied shortly by Sr GM(FP) and CAO to DGM(Fin) Promotion orders will be issued.

D) JTO to SDE (T), SDE to DE and DE to DGM (Engg.) Promotion orders: We expressed our serious concern against the casual handling of the court cases i.e. SDE(T) to DE contempt case and DE TO DGM(Engg.) court cases in the Hon.ble CAT Chandigarh wherein the cases have been posted for hearing in the month of Januarary-2019 which is delaying the promotions in the cadre of DE and DGM.Director(HR) directed GM(Pers) to take matter seriously.

Director (HR) appreciated our concern and mentioned that a legal opinion on JTO (T) to SDE (T) promotion on the basis of Hon.ble High Court Kerala Judgement /contempt case is being taken from Sr.Advocate and on that basis the promotion orders will be issued.

E) Consideration of request /tenure transfer cases of AOs/CAOs/DGM(F): We requested for the consideration of request /tenure transfer cases of AOs/CAOs/ DGM(F). Director (HR) and Sr.GM (FP) assured to assured for consideration.

Sr.GM(FP),GM(Pers),GM (SR) ,DGM(Pers.)& OSD were also present in the meeting.
F) MT recruitment in BSNL : 

We strongly protest against the SEA cell letter to GM (Rectt.) regarding MT recruitment in Accounts wing. Sr .GM(FP) told that SEA cell has sent letter in line with Pers. cell letter to Rectt. Cell regarding MT in Telecom wing. Director (HR) told that these letter are as per decision taken by Management committee of BSNL Board. Director (HR) also asserted that BSNL is reviewing/ Held up the new recruitment in view of present financial condition of BSNL. However AIBSNLEA protested against any MT recruitment above JTO/JAO level.



Mr. A. Gowtham, Son of Com.A.Arunachalam,CAO & DS AIBSNLEA
expired on yesterday 12.11.2018.

Funeral on today 13.11.2018 Around 6 P.M.
Address: 3-435-1, VOC Street, Near Vani Store & Vathiyar Complex, Surveyor Colony, Madurai.  Mob.:94861-03276

AIBSNLEA, TN Circle conveys its deepest condolence to our Com. A. Arunachalam, CAO and the bereaved family. 

May his soul rest in peace
Implementation of AUAB agitational call
 AUAB has given a call of organizing Rallies at Delhi CHQ/Circle HQ/ SSA HQ levels on 14th Nov., 2018 demanding immediate resolution of following issues;
1. Implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL with 15% fitment benefit 
2. Payment of Pension contribution on actual basic pay 
3. Pension revision of BSNL Pensioners 
4. 4G spectrum allocation to BSNL etc. 
5. Left out items of 2nd PRC. 
AIBSNLEA TN Circle requests all the District Secretaries, Presidents & Circle Office bearers / to organize rallies effectively by maximum participation at all the levels on 14th Nov - 2018.
Congratulations !
Posting Orders issued to the DR JAOs.
Hearty Welcome to the fresh Executives.
JAOs are allotted to the needy SSAs to the maximum extent possible. Still there are some grievances with SSAs. 
CS addressed the CHQ to take up with BSNL CO to declare additional select list of 10 candidates against those who have not accepted the offer. 
On receipt of the same, we will take up with the PGMF for further allotment to the needy SSAs.

Filling up of CAO MT Quota vacancies:

SEA Section is adding fuel to the fire. Already the Sr.AOs/AOs are very much frustrated and agitated against the delay in promotion to the Cadre of CAO. Instead of promoting the eligible internal candidates, trying to fill up the MT Quota is unjustified and unwarranted.

Three years back 50 % of MT Quota in DE cadre is diverted to SCF Quota and the vacancies are filled up.

Our CHQ is trying now for utilizing of 50 % of MT Quota of CAO posts, which is still pending.

Even for filling up of remaining 50 % of MT Quota, management decision has to be taken. But MT RR is kept  pending as per the assurances given by the management to our Association after the trade union action programme conducted by AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA two years back.

Now unilaterally SEA section cannot initiate such proposal only for CAO cadre. Parity is to be maintained for all equivalent cadres.

CHQ is addressed on this issue.


CAO Promotion:

Inordinate delay in issue of promotion orders is beyond tolerance limit even after pronouncement of Final Judgement by the Highest Court .

Management has to take a decision in light of the Hon.ble Supreme Court Judgement on reservation points.

As per the decision taken in the CEC held at Madurai, CHQ is requested to initiate TU Action Programme demanding issue of CAO promotion without further delay

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                                          CONDOLENCE MESSAGE                                        

Mr.THEPFURUYA , Aged 54 years  F/o. Sri.RICHARD, JAO, Circle Office, Chennai, passed away today morning  in NAGALAND. AIBSNLEA Expresses its heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family members. May his Soul Rest in peace.

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The process for Time Bound Promotion ( EIA/E2A to E5-E6 ) for Executives of Circle Office for the review date 1/10/2018 (Up-gradation due from 01-01-2019 to 30-062019) has been initiated by the Staff section vide letter No.No : DPC / 57-2/TBP/ STS-JAG/C.O & SSAs/2018-19 /2 dated at Chennai the 31/ 10 /2018.

Similar initiative has to be taken by the SSAs immediately for the Executives of SSAs who are due for financial up-gradation during the period from 01.01.2019 to 30.06.2019.

District Secretaries may pursue with the SSA Administration to avoid delay in Time Bound Promotion orders.


02.11.2018:  Meeting between the Secretary, Telecom and the AUAB:
A meeting between Ms.Aruna Sundararajan, Secretary, Telecom and the All Unions and Associations of BSNL(AUAB) was held today. 
Com.P.Abhimanyu, GS/BSNLEU, Com.Chandeswar Singh, GS/NFTE, Com.K.Sebastin, GS/SNEA, Com. Prahlad Rai,GS/AIBSNLEA, Com. Ravi Shil Verma, GS/, AIGETOA, Com. Suresh Kumar, GS/BSNL MS, Com.Revti Prasad, AGS/BSNL ATM, Com. Rashid Khan, AGS/TEPU and Com.H.P.Singh, Dy.GS/BSNL OA participated in the talks on behalf of the AUAB. 

From the DoT, Ms. Anuradha Mitra/Member (Finance), Shri Ravi Kant/ Member(Services), Shri.N.Sivasailam/Special Secretary and Shri R. K. Khandelwal/ Joint Secretary(Admn) Shri Pawan Gupta,Director (PSU),Shri Sanjay Agarwal,Director(Esst) of participated.

From the BSNL Management side, Shri Anupam Shrivastava/CMD BSNL, Ms. Sujata Ray/ Director(HR), Shri Saurab Tyagi/Sr.GM(Estt) , Shri. A.M.Gupta/ GM(SR) and Shri Sheo Shankar Prasad/DGM(Estt.) participated.

At the outset, the representatives of the AUAB pointed out that DoT failed to take appropriate action to implement the assurances given by the Hon.ble MoS(C) in the meeting held on 24-02-2018, in view of which the AUAB has been compelled to go on agitational programme. On the 3rd Pay Revision issue, the Secretary, Telecom assured that the Cabinet Note, for getting the approval of the Cabinet, would be sent at the earliest. The AUAB pointed out that within three months the Pay Revision issue has to be settled fully, otherwise, Parliament elections would be announced; settlement of Pay Revision would become difficult. Secretary informed that some queries are there from IFD, it will be raised by DoT to BSNL in a week and BSNL assured to reply all the queries within one week time ,As and when BSNL replies and after the discussion with CMD BSNL it will be processed. AUAB demanded the formalities of Cabinet memo to be completed before this month. Secretary, Telecom assured to act fast.

On the issues of allotment of 4G spectrum, Payment of Pension Contribution on the actual basic pay and Pension Revision issues, very useful discussion took place. On the 4G issue, the Cabinet Note has been sent for inter-ministerial consultation, and at the earliest it will be sent for the approval of the Cabinet. On the issue of Payment of Pension Contribution on actual basic pay instead of maximum of the pay scale , the matter is being recommended for the approval of the Department of Expenditure, with a positive note of the DoT, by next week. On the Pension Revision of BSNL retirees, the Secretary Telecom appeared to be convinced with the arguments of the AUAB, that it should not be linked with the Pay Revision of the serving employees. She directed the Member (Services) to immediately discuss the issue with her. On the 30% Superannuation benefits for the Directly Recruited employees, the Secretary Telecom said that it should be settled by the BSNL. Thereafter CMD assured to examine another 2%.

After the meeting with the Secretary, Telecom, the meeting of the AUAB was held. The meeting expressed it  s satisfaction about the discussions on the issues of Allotment of 4G spectrum, Payment of Pension Contribution and Pension Revision. However, the meeting viewed that there is no improvement in the matter of 3rd Pay Revision. Hence, the meeting decided to go ahead with the agitational programme of Rally on 14.11.2018. The meeting called upon the employees to effectively organise the rallies on 14-11-2018. It is decided that the AUAB will again meet on 14-11-2018,  to review the situation.

In addition to the above issues Com GS discussed the issue of replacement of E-1 by E-2,E2A by E-3 and upgradation of subsequent pay scales E-3byE-4,E-4 byE-5,E-5 by E-6 and E-6 by E-7 as per the proposal of BSNL sent on 6-6-2016 .He pleaded that downgrading of the pay scales from E-1A to E-1 and E-2Ato E-2 has degraded the caders Secy(T) directed SST to re look in to the matter. Com GS also apprised Secy(T) that despite the assistance given by Hon   ble MOSC a writ petition has been filed by DoT in tn the Hon.ble High court Delhi against the PBCAT ND judgement in withdrawal of the additional increments in the same pay scale under EPP.Secy(T) assoured to look into the matter.During discussions Com GS AIBSNLEA actively participated along with other General Secretaries. 

                                                Organisational decisions of the AUAB:

Prior to the meeting with the Secretary, Telecom, a meeting of the AUAB was held at NFTE  s office, under the chairmanship of Com. Chandeswar Singh, GS, NFTE BSNL. After finalising the strategy to be adopted in the meeting with the Secretary, Telecom, the meeting discussed about the ways and means to strengthen the unity of the AUAB and its functioning. After detailed discussion, the following decisions are taken unanimously:-

(1)        Com.Chandeswar Singh, GS, NFTE BSNL, is elected as the Chairman of the AUAB.
(2) Com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU, is elected as the Convenor of the AUAB.
(3) Notices for struggles will go with the signatures of all the General Secretaries of the constituents.
(4) All other letters / communications to the BSNL Management/ DoT / Government, will be signed by the Chairman and the Convenor.

(5) AUAB should immediately be formed at all circles and districts, wherever it is not formed so far. As regards the posts of Chairman and Convenor, the pattern adopted at the All India level should be adopted at the circle and district levels also.