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As per the discussion had with the DGM (HR), the Rule-8 transfer request waiting list is released. In case of any discrepancy, Pl. bring to the knowledge of the District secretary.Click Here for list

Dear comrades!
C.S addressed to PGM (Finance) TN Circle regarding the disparity of pay fixation of JTOs . 

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Dear Comrades,

JTO LICE Posting orders issued by TN CO – Click Here for RTTC CHN   HYD B12  HYD B13 RGMTTC B18 RGMTTC B19 RGMTTC B20

 JTO Transfer Orders Issued Order 1  Order 2

 Our Sincere Thanks to CGM TN Circle, GM(HR/A) TN Circle, DGM(HR) TN Circle

Dear comrades!
Due to consistent efforts of GS AIBSNLEA  the transfer order issued to Com. T.Radhakrishnan DE Mannargudi-Thanjavur SSA to West Bengal Telecom Circle has been cancelled.  Our Sincere thanks to GS CHQ and CHQ president
Dear comrades!

BSNL Corporate Office issued instruction regarding grant of facility of deduction of subscription to AIBSNLEA the support association in BSNL in the 1st MV and revised instruction governing deduction of monthly subscription
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ACCOUNT NO 1120000100123542

ACCOUNT NO 3046010003097


18.1.2017: Meeting with PGM (Pers.):

GS, FS, AGS (HQ) and AGS (F) met with PGM (Pers.) and discussed regarding:

A CPSU Cadre Hierarchy: We requested PGM (Pers.) to brief the outlines on which the CPSU cadre hierarchy proposal is being prepared. Jt. GM (Pers.) explained that as per Pers. Cell proposal the time bound promotions on functional basis are being agreed up to SDE level only and thereafter for DE and equivalent cadres it will be restricted to availability of the STS posts after the approval of BSNL HR Plan by BSNL Board. We strongly opposed such proposal and categorically told that we will not deviate from the Khan Committee recommendations on CPSU cadre hierarchy hence, there should not any post based promotions up to STS level. PGM (Pers.) intervene in the matter and mentioned that shortly Pers. Cell will supply a draft proposal in this regard and accordingly further discussions will take place.

B CPC from SDE (C) to EE (C): We requested to give clearance on the CPC from SDE (C) to EE (C) to fill-up about 150 EE (C) posts wherein the CPC has already been completed four months ago. We also explained that there is no stay order from any court is pending hence, the promotion orders can be issued immediately. We also explained that in Civil Wing there is an acute stagnation in the promotion avenues of Group “B” level executives foe example one JTO recruited in the year 1993 is still awaiting for his first functional promotion in the cadre of SDE. Similarly, SDE (C) to EE (C) promotions are also stagnating. PGM (Pers.) after detailed discussions assured an early action in this regard.

C Consideration of tenure / request transfers of SDEs: We requested for consideration of tenure / request transfers of SDEs. PGM (Pers.) assured early orders in this regard. We also expressed our concern against non-forwarding of the request transfer applications of SDEs/DEs by the Circles to the BSNL Corporate Office. PGM (Pers.) assured to write a letter to all the CGMs not to withhold the transfer requests in the circles rather they should necessarily recommend / forward to BSNL CO for its disposal.

D Time Bound Promotions from E-5 to E-6 under EPP to Adhoc DGMs: We requested to issue amendment in BSNL MSRR to provide the Time Bound Promotions from E-5 to E-6 under EPP to Adhoc DGMs since it has been de-linked from BSNL Board’s agenda and approved by BSNL MC. PGM (Pers.) assured for issuing orders immediately.


18.1.2017 : Meeting with PGM (BW):

GS, and AGS (F) met with PGM (BW) and discussed regarding:

A CPC from SDE (C) to EE (C): We expressed our resentment against delaying the promotion orders from SDE (C) to EE (C) since the CPC has been expedited four months before. PGM (BW) appreciated our concern and informed that the CPC minutes have been sent to PGM (Pers.) for clearance and approval from the competent authority to issue the promotion orders. He assured as soon as the approval is received the promotions orders will be issued immediately.

B Consideration of tenure / request transfers of SDEs (Civil) from A&N Circle: We requested for consideration of tenure / request transfers of SDEs (Civil) from A&N Circle. PGM (BW) assured early orders in this regard.

C Diversion of Erode Civil Division to Thanjavur SSA of Tamil Nadu Circle: We requested to stop diversion of Erode Civil Division to Thanjavur SSA of Tamil Nadu Circle.  This diversion will cause difficulties to the staff at Erode. PGM (BW) after some discussions assured that no staff will be disturbed from Erode and diversion EE post will be re-looked into. We suggested for a looking after arrangement for Diversion of Erode Civil Division to Thanjavur SSA of Tamil Nadu Circle.


Dear Comrades,

Today Com Lenin Ram ACS, Com Ravi ACS, Com Sundarajan, DP and Com Kaliyaperumal CEC Member met DGM(HR) and discussed about JTO LICE postings and pending transfer requests.

Dear Comrades!
As per the assurance given to CS, TN Circle by CGM STR  Transfer and Posting orders released to STR KTK Circle /STR AP Circle. Our Sincere thanks to CGM STR and GM Headquarters.


All the DSs are requested to accelerate the collection of Circle Conference donation and remit the same to Reception Committee, Vellore.


Dear comrades, we have taken up with TN Circle administration regarding the posting of sufficient JTOs to STR in order to fill up the shortage at the field level. Also the efforts are being made with STR administration to allot the requisite JTOs to the needy places.

Dear Comrades!
Immediate attention is required .All the District Secretaries are requested to kindly furnish the details of Account No, IFSC code for   filing the Template of subscription recovery . CBE SSA has already submitted Details.