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28-08-2014: Dear Comrades! The missing of ACRs for the different periods to the officers who are in the list published below have to be sent to CO/ND at the earlieast. Similarly on seniority basis(67%) for promotion from JTO(C) to SDE(C), VCR is called for. The list is given below. Our SSA Branch Secretaries are requested to take steps to forward those reports in time.
List of Missing ACR of DEs VC Report for JTO civil to SDE Civil
27-08-2014: Dear Comrades, Notice for our Fifth Circle Conference was issued on 25-08-2014. The copy of the Notice is given below. It may be downloaded and the Branch Secretaries are requested to submit the copy to the respective Head of SSA and other Unit in charges so that the special CL to the Delegates of the Conference and the participants of the Seminar may be arranged to be granted well in advance. The Delegate Fees is fixed as Rs.600/ only as fixed in the last Conference held at Dharmapuri. The SSAs who have to collect the donations from the members as decided in the last CEC Meeting are requested to finish the work without delay. The Reception Committee makes every arrangement in a grand manner and we have to extend our help for the success of the conference.
Circle Conference Notification Modification of syllabus for SDE(T) RR for TTAs
27-08-2014: The Report submitted by our CS in CWC Meeting and the Resolutions passed by our Circle are published below.
Report of CS for CWC Meeting Resolutions for CWC Meeting
27-08-2014: Dear Comrades, We received inquiries from our members on transfer of DEs on promotion to other Circles. We have to clarify our stand on this issue. While we were at CWC Meeting at Hydrabad, Orders were released. Immediately we downloaded the list and thoroughly analysed the list with our Comrades. The injustice and discrepencies were noted clearly. When the night session started on 22-08-2014, we drew "Call Attention Motion" and were permitted to explain the issue. We categorically pointed out what are the cases of purely injustice and of discrepancies. Our GS assured that the cases submitted would be settled and the foul play if any played due to some miscreants so as to punish our members he would declare protest action without any hesitation. In the meantime, our comrades suggested to propose agitation against the irrational transfers. We would like to clarify that we could not give a call for agitation each and every time the transfers are effected. This is not a new to Tamilnadu. Last time, that too, for the same DEs who were promoted from SDE to DE Adhoc, many of our Comrades were transferred out of Tamilnadu. We pursued all the cases and settled to the extent possible either by cancelling or by temporary retention. Quoting our cases other Associations settled their cases. It is well known to all. Some of the comrades from other Associations gave the cases to us and then we got retention. This time also We are able to get Retention to all DEs in STR. The administration of STR was more helpful in getting retention. We thank for the efforts taken. But in Tamilnadu, problems have come. We wrote in our website beforethe release of promotion order correctly that the officers who were retained and declined would also be considered for promotion but their original place of posting would not be changed. Unlike some leaders we have not given any false hope that every body would be retained in Tamilnadu. Transfers on promotion is not new to our Organisation. Every promotion order of every cadre comes with burden only. We cannot give a call but our CHQ is seriously taking our views what we expressed in our CWC Meeting. Definitely we settle the issue. We are vigorously collecting all the cases for further processing by our CHQ.
23-08-2014:Dear Comrades,  while the promotion order for DEs was issued we were at Hydrabad for our CWC meeting.  We had a chance to explain the discrepancies in the orders regarding some of the transfers issued to seniors with our GS. ALL the cases will be settled. We will take necessary action at the appropriate levels. As we already reported in our website before the issue of the order, now order is issued. We will not give false promises which will mislead the members and they will get frustrated.  Though new hands (SDE s) are directly promoted, those coming within 57 years on 31.03.2014 are retained. Out of 80 such cases, 6 are retained. 
21.08.2014:  Dear Comrades,  Today our first CWC meeting has started in RTTC Auditorium, Hyderabad.  Our CHQ  President hoisted our Association Flag in the morning.  Comrade Jairam of AP Circle welcomed the gathering.  As a first item in the Agenda all circle secretaries have been giving their report on the organisational activities.  Meeting continues.  Open session will be on 23.08.2014.  It will be attended by Director CFA, Director CM, GM (Pers).   Other dignitaries from AP Circle will also participate.  The arrangements are very nice and in a grand manner.  Com Guruprasad DGM who was our ACS and working here now  playing a vital role in making all arrangements.  From our Circle along with Circle President and Circle Secretary, Comrades K. Govindaraju CWC member, C. Arumugam CWC Member and Com VKP Advisor participated in the meeting.  We feel really proud that our Com. Guru has played an important role in finalising the accounts of CHQ and contributing for the success of the CWC meeting.
21.08.2014:  The list 7 continued...
List 7
Dear Comrades the DE Regular promotion order issued. List 1,2 and 3  are published..
List 1 List 2 List 3
21.08.2014:  Dear Comrades, the promotion order for SDE / DE(Adhoc) to DE Regular, as we expected is released.  We thank our CHQ and GS for taking sustained efforts in bringing the orders in time.  We congratulate  all the Executives promoted to DE Regular.  The orders are published here.  
List 4 List 5 List 6
16-08-2014: Dear Comrades, TBP orders for E1A to E2a, E3 to E4 are issued. They are given below.
E1 A to E2 A E3 to E4 E3 to E4 IMPCS
15-08-2014: Dear Comrades,  we the CS and the CP attended the Circle Conference of AIBSNLPWA OF Tamilnadu Circle held at  Tirunelveli on 13th  August, 2014.  Our CS addressed the open session.  In the evening,  CS,CP and COM.VKP PARTICIPATED in the AGB Meeting of the TVL SSA Branch. Report will follow.  On 14.08.2014,  we the CS, CP. ,,Com.Karuppaiah  DS of Madurai SSA, COM.EHIAH THE DS OF TVL SSA ATTENDED the AGB Meeting of the TT SSA. Report will follow. 

14-08-2014: Dear Comrades, Our GS has written two letters on the issues pertaining to our Circle. The copies are published below.
On immunity from transfer Retention case of Com.Murugaiyan Civil wing
10-08-2014: Dear Comrades, we have written a letter to our GS on the issue regarding the posting of the DEs to be promoted through the CPC to be completed this week. The copy of the letter is given below.  Transfer orders in the cadre of AOs on long stay and on own request are also issued by the Corporate Office. This is also published here. Smt.Meenakshi Usha AO/CMTS/Trichy was given reallottment to Kerala Circle. Our CS handed over the application to our GS directly during his visit to New Delhi last month but her application through proper channel reached late to New Delhi. Hence the delay in issuing order. Initially she requested for retention and changed her option then to Reallottment. This is another reason for the late issue of the said order. This is the history of the case.
Letter to GS on SDE to DE promotion AOs' Transfer order
08-08-2014: Dear Comrades, We have written two letters to our GS on issues pertaining to Civil and Electrical wings. The copies are published below. Another letter on immunity from transfer is also published.
Letter to GS on Delay in DPC Letter to GS on Retention Case Letter to GS on Immunity
07-08-2014: Dear Comrades, Our GS wrote a letter to the Director(CM) on Merger of BSS Team with respective SSA. He took immediate action after our letter given to CHQ in consulation with AIGETOA, Tamilnadu Circle. The copy of the letter is given below.
Letter to Director(CM) on BSS Merger