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24-07-2014: Dear Comrades, A joint meeting of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA of Tamilnadu Circle was held at Trichy on 22-07-2014. The meeting discussed the items on Agenda and took decisions to implement in the days to come. The meeting was presided over by Com.Victor Samson, Circle President of AIGETOA,Tamilnadu Circle. CS and CPs of both Associations have participated. All the participants expressed their happiness over the MOU reached between the two Major Executive Associations.  We will face Membership verification jointly and the recognition we will get will definitely pave the ways for settlement of long pending problems and open new path for our Career prospects. The minutes of the meeting is given below. The  SSA Branch Secretaries are requested to approach the Office Bearers of AIGETOA to form co-ordination Committee in their respective SSA on the basis of the guidelines given by the both Circle Associations as mentioned in the following Minutes.  
Minutes of the Joint Meeting
21-07-2014: Dear Comrades, We selectively have taken the points as recommended by M/s Deloittee Consultant for the attention of our Members. You may go through the complete Report. All are requested to give your suggestions and ideas on the Recommendations.
What Deliottee says?
18-07-2014: Dear Comrades! We hereunder publish the copy of the Letter released as MESSAGE and issued by our CGM/TN Circle with the Assurance that we will be with our CGM and the Tamilnadu Circle Administration in general for all the efforts taken for the welfare of Employees and the growth of BSNL, our LIFE and SOUL.
18-07-2014: Dear Comrades! We today have written a letter to our GS/CHQ/ND on Merger of BSS Team with Respective SSAs. Unlike some Association changing the position from time to time, we solidly stood firm in our position. We see any issue purely on merits and demerits and what will be the consequences on the Effeiciency of the Services both of CFA and CM. Now the same Merger which was discarded, again comes to the surface. The Relevance and the Reasons for maintaining the BSS Team under the Control of CMTS as before are still continuing. Merger of Accounts for the ERP Implementation is totally different from maintaining the various operating units with their entities for the cause of running efficient service. So we press for the continuance of the present set up. The BSS Team has to be under the CMTS control. The copy of the Letter written to GS is given below.
Letter to GS on BSS Merger

17-07-2014: Dear Comrades! On Merger of IMPCS (BSS Team) wing with SSA: Nobody would forget that our Association has been opposing from the very beginning the proposal of merger of BSS Team with SSA. Some Association strongly pleaded for Merger. This could not be also forgotten. At last we formed a Committee to study the case in Detail and submitted a Report to the Circle Administration about the consequences on Merger. Our Report was considered favourably and Decision was taken by the Circle Administration not to merge the BSS Team as proposed. This was conveyed to our Association. Now the Accounts wing in this area is merged for the purpose of ERP Implementation. If merger is again proposed, we will be definitely consulted by the Administration. So we request all members working in BSS Team not to forget the past and what our Association did to stop the merger. Even in one SSA, administration unilaterally merged CM and CFA wings against the Guidelines of Corporate Office. Total dislocation of Executives and service deterioration was fought by our AIBSNLEA and saw that those orders were reversed. We won the case. This is also a past History.

15-07-2014: Dear Comrades! We submitted the letter to the GM(HQ)/STR on Request Transfer cases. We gave this letter explaining our stand on this issue. Copy of the letter is given below. Yesterday we met our CGM/TN Circle, PGM(F) and GM(A and HR) with our CP, FS and Com.Renganathan, BS/CO/Chennai and discussed issues related with Transfers on Sensitive posts, Medical cases and TBP from E1 to E2 for JAOs respectively.
Letter to GM(HQ)/STR/Chennai
  1. 14.07.2014:Dear comrades,   we express our happiness over the unity forged with AIGETOA.  BOTH  the Associations entered into an agreement and a joint declaration was released yesterday to face membership verification.  We also appeal all other Associations to come with us in building broad based unity to improve our strength in future . congratulations to all who have contributed for bringing this unity.
Joint Declaration
11-07-2014: Dear Comrades, On STR wing OD and ID transfers, We gave our feed back. On Request Transfers we will give , though we already specifically mentioned our stand in the meeting conducted for it, on Monday the 14-07-2014. The feed back on ID/OD transfers is given below.
Modifications we sought Request Transfer letter from Admn
11-07-2014: As we already anticipated, the DPE rejected the proposal of E1A and E2A scales proposed to JTO/JAO and SDE/AO respectively though it is recommended by the DOT. Hence Our BSNL is left with no other alternative than giving E2 and E3 scales for above cadres. Finally what we expected has come. Our CHQ will pursue the case immediately with our Management for realizing the long pending demands.
11-07-2014: Dear Comrades, Our Com.VKP, the Advisor is now in New Delhi and pursuing the pending cases we took with the CHQ. He is there with CHQ President to attend the CHQ office bearers meeting.
11-07-2014: Dear Comrades! Letter to send VC and other reports for the process of DE Regular promotion is issued today. This is to be treated most urgent, the letter says. Copy is given below. Guidelines for making the looking on arrangement done in Electrical wing for higher posts are given. Combined arrangement is to be discarded and stand alone pattern is to be done for transparent functioning. The copy of the order is given below. Our Electrical wing Comrades have to take a note of it and settle the issue accordingly wherever found essential.
DE Regular Promotion Looking on arrangement in Electrical wing
11-07-2014: Dear Comrades, Promotion to EE(Civil) for 40 SDEs is issued yesterday. Congratulations to all promoted SDEs of Civil Wing. Due to continuous efforts through frequent meetings with the officers concerned, our GS settled this case. Everybody knows of the sustained actions of our CHQ and Our GS. Order is given below.
Long stay list of SDEs (Telecom) is called for from all Circles. Letter is given below. 
EE (Civil) promotion List Long stay of SDEs (Telecom)
09-07-2014: Dear Comrades, The IDA from 01-07-2014 is 91.3%. DOE order is given below.
Attention to STR Comrades:The minutes on Transfer to be effected in STR for which a meeting was convened by the HQ GM is released. Our stand on Transfers is considered reasonably and if any points raised in the meeting but not  covered may be intimated to us so that we may request the administration to include. Copy of the minutes is given below. 

IDA from July 2014 Minutes on transfer in STR
07-07-2014: Dear Comrades! The special Meeting called for by the HQ GM in STR on 05-07-2014 was attended by our CP and Com.Ganesh, Branch Secretary/STR/Chennai.  The purpose of the meeting was to finalise the modalities by which the transfers in Engineering wing are to be effected. Com.Sivakumar and the Branch Secretary were firm towards the policy already in vogue and suggested the solutions which could be implementable quoting the precedents and methods being followed in the Territorial Circle. Our approach was well appreciated by the administration and our concern towards the welfare of the staff was well taken. Finally the suggestions we gave were accepted by the administration and the orders will be issued accordingly soon. We really thank the Administration for observing such method of consultation which will be helpful in resolving the issues amicably.
04-07-2014: Dear Comrades! The order for LA for JTO to SDE is issued and LA for CAO Cadre is called for. The list of eligible officers is also attached.The copies are given below.
LA from JTO to SDE LA for CAOs