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Another feather to the cap of AIBSNLEA TN Circle

Hearty congratulations!. Due to the consistent efforts of AIBSNLEA, our senior Comrade

Shri Natesan, DGM(F)

 has been ordered to look after the post of GM(TR), TN Circle. In the history of TN Circle, this is the first time, a promotee officer from finance wing is going to look after the charge of GM. Hats off to AIBSNLEA and our sincere thanks to Com. Prahalad Rai , GS AIBSNLEA who has taken up the case with CMD

AIBSNLEA congratulates Smt. K.Geethanjali on her posting as GM(TR), CHTD.


Dear Comrades! Hearty Congratulations! Our Senior Comrade S.Gnanasekar, AGM(Transmission) /CDL has been promoted from DE(Adhoc) to DE(Regular) w.e.f 20.8.2014.


30.7.2015: Dear Comrades! Today We, CS, Com.Ravi, ACS, Com.Lenin Ram, ACS, Com.Renganathan, Br.Secy Circle Office met Smt.N.POONGUZHALI, ITS., CGM, TN Circle and greeted her for the new Assignment of CGM, TN Circle.  On behalf of AIBSNLEA  TN Circle, We assured our fullest cooperation and support in the progress and achievements of our Tamilnadu Circle   pertaining to our Service to the Esteemed Customers and welfare of our Employees. We discussed the following issues with CGM, TN Circle.

1.Problemes faced by the Executives at Karaikudi SSA- CGM assured to look in to the matter

2.Non relieving of  Shri. Srinivasaulu, JTO posted to CMTS/DPI in an biased manner   by the DPI SSA Administration. CGM assured that necessary instructions will be issued to the concerned Authorities.

3.Non forwarding of request transfer applications of JTO/SDE by the CDL & KKD Administration. CGM replied that necessary instructions will be issued to the District Administration.

4. Consideration of Request transfer cases of JTOs/SDEs- CGM assured that genuine requests will be considered.

5.Consideration of Request transfer case of R.Thanigasalam, AD(OL), DPI to SLM SSA- CGM assured to look in to the matter.

6. We requested the CGM for the  provision of AMC to the  Motorola GSM equipments purchased in Phase III and III+ GSM Projects ( at present working in Trichy and Thanjavur SSAs) and handed over the letter addressed in this regard to the CGM- CGM replied that necessary arrangement will be made in this regard.

 We also met PGM(F) in the presence of DGM(F) & CAO(F) and discussed the following   1) Looking on arrangement in the cadre of DGM(TR/DGM(F) in MA, Salem, Vellore and other left out SSAs - PGM(F) assured  that the orders will be issued shortly.    2)Delay in issue of TBP orders in respect of Accounts personnel of NGC, KKD, TR,TVL & TT SSAs -  PGM(F) replied that DPC is over and after the approval of CGM, orders will be issued. 3)Option case of JAOs promoted after 7.5.2010- PGM(F) replied that necessary instructions will be issued to all the SSAs. All the JAOs promoted after 7.5.2010 are requested to submit their options immediately. 4)Problems faced by the Accounts Personnel at KKD SSA- PGM(F) assured that the issues will be settled amicably 5)Looking on arrangement in the cadre of CAO at Trichy SSA- PGM(F) replied that Looking on arrangement orders will be issued on the basis of combined seniority of Trichy SSA & CMTS, Trichy 6) Request transfer cases of JAOs- It is assured by the PGM(F) that the cases will be considered at the time of posting of Direct Recuited JAOs. 7) Looking on arrangement in the cadre of CAO & AO - PGM(F) assured  that on the receipt of VCRs, the orders will be issued.                                                                                        


Minutes of the Meeting  held under the Chairmanship of CMD BSNL with the Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations on 24.7.2015 is published below.

29.7.2015: Dear Comrades! Smt.N.POONGUZHALI, ITS., has joined as CGM, TN Circle to day.  Our hearty welcome to Smt.N.POONGUZHALI, ITS
Dear Comrades! Letter addressed to CGMT, TN Circle requesting provision of AMC to the  Motorola GSM equipments purchased in Phase III and III+ GSM Projects ( at present working in Trichy and Thanjavur SSAs) beyond 31.12.2016 is published below 

                   CHQ NEWS

Dear Comrades! GS, GS of AIGETOA met with Sr. GM(SR) and discussed regarding: Membership verification of Executive Association:  We requested to pursue in the Hon`ble High Court Karnataka through BSNL’s advocate for an early hearing so that the stay order against referendum is vacated.  Sr. GM (SR) mentioned that the case has been heard partly in the Hon`ble High Court Karnataka and now efforts are being made for an early hearing.  He assured as soon as the stay order is vacated, membership verification process will resume. Meeting with Director (HR) with AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA on 4th August, 2015:  Sr.GM (SR) mentioned that on the demands of the United Forum of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA, the feedback from all the concern units has been asked before the proposed meeting with Director (HR).  He clarified that Management is trying to resolve the pending genuine HR issues.  He also quoted that in today’s committee meeting, it has been agreed to change the designations of non-executive cadres for example Sr. TOA to Office Associate, TTA to JE etc.  We also pleaded to change the designation of field units similar to the pattern of BSNL Corporate Office.  Sr. GM (SR) mentioned that this issue will be addressed by the Committee headed by ED (NB).


29.7.2015: United Forum of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA writes:

Dear Comrades! United Forum of Executives' Associations comprising of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA writes to Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD BSNL regarding ambiguous and suspicious recruitment of Direct DGMs in Telecom Operation and Finance from amongst external candidates ignoring more qualified, experienced and deserving internal candidates 


From Kalam


                         CHQ NEWS                      

Dear Comrades! GS and GS, AIGETOA met Director (HR) and discussed regarding:

  i. Fixing agenda meeting to the United Forum of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA: We requested Director (HR) to fix up a meeting with the United Forum of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA to discuss their demands submitted on 17th July 2015. Director (HR) immediately fixed up the date for discussion on 4th August 2015 at 16.00 hrs.   ii. 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees: We apprised about the discussions held with GM (Estt) on the parity of superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees with respect to BSNL absorbed employees’ pension benefits. Director (HR) mentioned that she will discuss the matter with GM (Estt) and will try to give feedback to the remuneration Committee of BSNL Board before BSNL Board meeting which is tentatively scheduled to be held in the month of August 2015.   iii. Minutes of the meeting held on 16th July 2015: Director (HR) assured for early issuance of the minutes of the meeting held on 16th July with the United Forum of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA.

                               Joint Committee Meeting with ED (NB):

GS attended the Joint committee meeting with ED (NB) and discussed regarding implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy since on E-2 and E-3 to JTO and SDE equivalent cadres the committee discussions are over. In today’s meeting the GSs of AIBSNLEA, AIGETOA and SNEA (I) pleaded in support of granting designation and functional duties to the grade on time bound promotions under EPP as it was assured at the time of absorption.

 Chairman Committee appreciated our concern but the official side committee members GM (Estt) and GM (EF) still pleading that in case the designation and functional duties are given in the grade on time bound promotion the number of DEs/DGMs will be huge. We further pleaded that BSNL will be saving money on implementing this policy but will give social status to the Executives.  ED (NB) advised to give more feedback on the basis of other CPSUs promotion policies. The discussion will continue and the next committee meeting will be held on 5th August 2015 at 11.00 hrs. All the CHQ / Circle / Branch office bearers are requested to provide suggestions to CHQ in this regard for further discussions immediately.

Dear Comrades!  GS, FS, AGS (HQ) met CMD, BSNL and discussed regarding:

  a. Filling up of the post of DGM (Engg.): We expressed our serious concern against non-filling of DGM (Engg.) posts since there is no court stay order on promotions. CMD appreciated our concern and mentioned that in our meeting held on 16th July 2015, he has already directed Director (HR) to understand the case for issuance of early promotion orders. However, he assured to further discuss the matter with Director (HR).

b. CWC meeting to be held at Kolkata: CMD confirmed that he will be attending the open session on occasion of the CWC meeting at Kolkata on 25th August 2015.


JAO 2010 Batch - Pay Option Case Settled


The issue of Allowing to exercise option to have their pay fixed on the date of promotion for those non– executives who got promoted on or after 07.05.2010, [the date on which non-executive pay scales were notified BSNL CO  File No I -1612010-PAT(BSNL) Dated 07-05-2010] was kept pending without settlement since 2010.

On 18/05/2011, a clarification order was issued vide BSNL CO Lr. No. 1-37/2010-PAT(BSNL) dated 18.5.2011, which restricted that only those non-executives who got promoted between 01.01.2007  to 07/05/2010 ( the date on which Non-executive II IDA Pay Scales were notified ) can only exercise option and thus denied the right of exercising option to those non-executives who got promoted on or after 07.05.2010.

Immediately AIBSNLEA plunged into the action. AIBSNLEA has done everything to settle the  issue. To support the genuine demand various orders on the subject were brought to the notice of the authorities concerned. 

 A three member committee was formed based on our submission, comprising of GM(Estt.), GM(FP) and GM(EF). Though GM(FP) and GM(EF) was in favor of extending the option beyond the date of notification of Non-Executive Pay Scale, GM(Estt.) stood as stumbling block. The then GM (Estt.) Shri. R.K. Goyal got transferred but the case was further protracted.

 Our recent struggle paved the way for settlement of the issue in which this was one of our demands.

 No one claim that they have taken up the issue, The only one Association fought for this case is AIBSNLEA which could be substantiated by quoting the chain of actions from the very beginning till settlement of the issue.

 In fact the other association ridiculed that these are all non-issues and they are concentrating on E2, E3 pay scale.

 E2, E3 Pay Scale is our basic right and AIBSNLEA stood firm on it. But option for fixation is a fundamental right under FRSR which cannot be taken away by Administrative order.

 In this regard the efforts taken by AIBSNLEA will be summarized date-wise along with the copy of the letters and attached documents very soon.

The role of Tamilnadu Circle Association under the presidentship of Com. S. Sivakumar and Circle Secretary N. Veerapandian is well appreciated by CHQ.

 Draft / Inputs were given by CHQ Advisor Com.V.K.Paramasivam, CHQ president Com. P. Venugopal took much pain in settling the issue.

 Our GS, Com. Prahladrai continuously persuaded the case and in fact it was one of the important items in our demands in our struggle for settling HR issues.

Finally hard and continuous persuasion with deep commitment and understanding of the issue resulted in settlement of the issue. It is AIBSNLEA and only AIBSNLEA is the real father of the child.

 Somebody pretending to be behind this victory is doing actually politics. Those people does not know the difference between the stone grinding machine and statue of lord sivalingam.


Dear Comrades! GS, Advisor (HQ) met GM (FP) and discussed regarding CPCs from JAO to AO, AO CAO and CAO to DGM (F): GM (FP) informed that the concerned officers from Haryana Telecom Circle dealing the court case have been asked to attend Corporate Office to discuss the matter and thereafter AGM (SEA), BSNL CO will visit Chandigarh to take the clearance from the Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh to expedite the CPCs from AO to CAO and JAO to AO. He further mentioned that he has directed SEA Cell to initiate CPC from JAO to AO, DGM (F- Adhoc) to DGM (F-Regular) and CAO to DGM (Finance) immediately.

 GS, Advisor (HQ) met GM (Pers.) and discussed regarding:

a. CPC from JTO to SDE (T): GM (Pers.) mentioned that again the court case in the Hon'ble High Court Kerala is postponed to 23rd July 2015 since applicants' advocate took the adjournment on his sickness ground.

b. Consideration of request / tenure transfers of SDEs/DEs: We extended our thanks for considering some pending request transfer cases of DEs from BSNL Corporate Office to their requested circles and requested to consider all the pending request / tenure transfers from other circles also. GM (Pers.) appreciated our concern and assured that within this month all the pending requests/tenure transfer cases will be considered and orders will be issued. He also mentioned that some SDEs transfer cases he has approved today and by tomorrow orders will be issued.

c. Allowing Diploma holder SDE (C/E/Arch) having 10 years technical experience for promotion to EE (C/E/Arch):  We extended our sincere thanks and gratitude to CMD BSNL, Director (HR), ED (NB), PGM (BW/EW/Arch), GM (Pers.), SR GM (Legal), DGM (Pers.) and all concerned officers for implementing MHRD/DoT order in true sense allowing Diploma holder SDE (C/E/Arch) having 10 years technical experience for promotion to EE (C/E/Arch). GM (Pers.) appreciated our concern.

d. Creation of PPS posts in field units: GM (Pers.) informed that three circles viz. NTR Circle, TF Circle and UP (West) Circle has still not furnished the requisite information to be placed before the concerned committee headed by ED (CN). Addl. GM (Pers.) informed that again he has sent a reminder to these lagging circles.  

  On other issues, i.e. restructuring of AD (OL) cadre, Notional Pay fixation w.e.f. 1.10.2000 to all upgraded pay scales, and some other issues GM (Pers.) assured time bound action as committed in the meeting headed by Director (HR) held on 16.07.2015.  





Adviser CHQ



20.7.2015: Dear Comrades! A grand and colourful  felicitation function was arranged by AIBSNLEA , Madurai District Branch to recognize the yeoman  service rendered by Com.VKP, CHQ Advisor at Madurai on 16.7.2015. The function was jointly presided over by the AIBSNLEA Dist.President Com.Roy, DGM/STR  and N.V.Chandrasekaran, DGM(F)/MA. Com.Subramanian, DS welcomed the gathering. AIBSNLEA CHQ President Com.Venu, attended the felicitation function. In his felicitation address Com.Venu remembered the services rendered   by Comrade VKP in the day to day functioning of AIBSNLEA CHQ and congratulated him for the effective role played by him for creating a strong base for the erst while AFSOA & AIBSNLEA in Tamilnadu Circle. Com.Sivakumar,CS, Com.Udayasuriayan, CS/CHTD, Com.Saravanakumar, CS, AIGETOA, Com.Veerapandian, CWC Member Com.Durai, CWC Member, Com.Karuppiah, CWC Member, Com.M.K.Ganesan, ACS, Com.Radha, ACS, Com.Arunachalam,ACS, All the sister Unions/Associations Leaders of MA SSA , Com.Mohan, DS/TR, Com.Mohandoss. DS/KKD, Com.Selvaraj, DS/NGC, Com.Saravanan, DS/TT, Com.Ehiya, DS/TVL participated in the function and felicitated Com.VKP. The yeoman services rendered by Com.VKP in the erstwhile AFSOA and AIBSNLEA was remembered by the most of the Speakers. A large number of Engineering, Accounts  and Non Executive Comrades from MA,VGR,KKD participated in the function. Finally Com.VKP has given his  acceptance Speech. The meeting came to an end with the vote of thanks by Com.Sarath babu, Fin.Secy. A delicious dinner was arranged by the Madurai Comrades after the function.Our Sincere thanks to Madurai, Virudunagar and Karaikadi Comrades


 Core Committee of the Forum meets Secretary,   DoT on 16.07.2015

Dear Comrades! Members of the Core Committee met Shri Rakesh Garg, Secretary, DoT on 16.07.2015, and ascertained the steps taken by the DoT on the important demands of the Forum, with regards to the revival of BSNL. It is understood that DoT has conducted two meetings to discuses the demands of Forum for BSNL's revival after two days strike as follow up action. GS AIBSNLEA being the member of core committee attended the meeting.

(1)   Payment of Rs.1,250 crore to BSNL as subsidy from USO Fund: The Secretary, DoT informed that the Telecom Commission has already approved this and now it will go for the approval of the Cabinet.  

(2)   78.2% IDA merger to the pensioners: It was brought to the notice of the Secretary, DoT that the Department of Expenditure has not so far sent its comments on the Cabinet note. The Secretary, DoT directed the Member (Finance) to send a DO letter with his signature for early comments to the Secretary, Department of Expenditure immediately. He also assured that the Note will be sent to the Cabinet expeditiously.

(3)   Refund of BWA spectrum charges: The Core Committee members expressed their concern on the delay in getting the refund of BWA spectrum charges. The Secretary, DoT replied that the issue is being taken up with the Finance Ministry, by the Hon'ble Minister of Communications. (Subsequently, the Core Committee members came to know that an amount of Rs.830 crores will be refunded shortly to BSNL, being the License Fee paid by the Company in 2013-14.).

(4)   Calculation of pension contribution: It was pointed out to the Secretary, DoT that this demand is not yet settled and that pension contribution is s till being calculated on the maximum of the pay scale, instead of on the actual basic pay. The Secretary replied that it would be looked into. 

(5)   Transfer of assets: It was pointed out to the Secretary that not much development has taken place on this issue, since the discussion that took place on 01.05.2015. The Core Committee members also complaint that the DoT is taking over BSNL's buildings and lands in many places. They also demanded all needful steps should be taken for the immediate transfer of entire assets to BSNL. Secretary, DoT assured needful would be done. 

(6)   Repayment of salary paid to the employees deputed to Term Cell: The Core Committee members told the Secretary that the salary paid by BSNL, to the employees deputed to the Term Cell, is not yet refunded by the DoT. Secretary, DoT assured needful would be done

7)   Merger of BSNL and MTNL: On this issue the Secretary, DoT said that a final decision will be taken only by the Government. However, he mentioned that government decision will be in the interest of BSNL & MTNL.

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