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Today we CS, ACS, & FS met CMD during his visit to Chennai for the inauguration of CNI - A&N  submarine OFC Cable laying function. Honoured him with shawl and submitted a memorandum on the following issues.
1.To consider left out CAO Promotion before 31.01.2020.
2. Issue of  DE to DGM Promotion orders before 31.01.2020
3. Request not to implement the Reversion of SDE to JTOs. To consider the case positively.
4. Grant of relaxation in marks - JTO LICE Examn. held on 26.05.2019.

CMD responded positively to consider the cases please.

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BSNL CO issued guidelines for merger of SSAs in to BAs.


One of the criteria is β€œRevenue of the Business Area should be more than 30 crore”.


There is a confusion whether β€œ30 Crores” revenue is per month or per annum.

It is ascertained that it is per month, which is practically not a workable proposal.

The monthly revenue of TN Circle, which is one of the biggest revenue earning circles in BSNL, is about 100 crores. So there can be ONLY four BAs in Tamilnadu.

Hence the norms need to be revised.

CHQ is appraised in this regard to discuss with the Management.

Click here for letter 1 Click here for Letter 2
BSNL CO issued orders on Policy for Provision of GSM in lieu of RSTC in TNF areas 

 ... View Corporate office order.

03.01.2020:Sharing of our views and interaction with the Consultant M/s Deloitte regarding Post-VRS Scenario and Road Map:

M/s Deloitte has been appointed by BSNL Management for giving recommendations in Short Term Measures on continuity of the Services of BSNL keeping in view the downsizing of the Staff in Post-VRS scenario as well as in Long Term Measures. BSNL Management arranged a meeting with the Consultant M/s Deloitte on 03.01.2020 at 16.00 hrs. GS, AGS, FS/CHQ and Advisor HQ had a detailed interaction for more than two hours with the Consultant.

Focus was given on short term measures, i.e., how we can maintain our vast Telecom Network from 01.02.2020 with the reduced staff strength and available resources in the post-VRS Scenario. We have categorically told that Restructuring Plan and Man power Plan should be implemented simultaneously so as to maintain our vast Telecom Network, OFC and Telephone Exchanges without fault free. Post VRS deployment of Executives to the field units should be smooth with barest minimum disturbance and the deployment to the field units should be completed at the earliest i.e., before Jan., 2020 Second week so that the newly posted Executives will get some time to familiarize with the System and Network as well as to maintain the Telecom Network fault free. Administrative Offices should be manned with minimum Executives having sufficient field exposure. The Services of the experts, well experienced and skilled employees going on VRS can be availed on contract basis. The office as well as field work is going to be affected badly due to reduction in staff strength in lieu of VRS-2019 which need to be arranged with the remaining work force as well as outsourcing with minimum expenditure so that the curtailment in employee cost may not increase the O&M expenditureWe explained about the shortage in DGM (T), DGM (Fin), CAO/AGM, JTO and TT cadres that will have impact after the VRS.

We also presented our views regarding merger of SSAs and Circles, drawback of present BA Structure, Maintenance of CSC and Customer relation, Manpower requirement, motivation of staff etc., and also suggested that  downsizing of SSAs should be based on the Assets, Revenue, Connections and Geographical Area with full powers to the TDMs and TDEs


03.01.2020: AIBSNLEA CHQ Office Bearers met Secretary (T) and Chairman (DCC) DoT, Member (Finance), Member (T) and other Senior Officers in DoT and greeted them for New Year 2020:

GS, AGS and Auditor/CHQ met today Secretary (T) and Chairman (DCC) DoT, Member (Finance), Member (T) and other Senior Officers in DoT and greeted them for the New Year 2020.

(A) DE to DGM (T) Promotions:- We requested Secretary (T) to allow the DE to DGM (T) promotions in BSNL which was stopped due to the reply given by the Secretary (T) in the meeting held with the Parliamentary Committee. We explained that there is no reservation involved in the JAG promotions as per the existing Rules and all the eligible candidates including about 287 SC/ST candidates are covered in the promotion list. We further mentioned that there is no financial implications in this promotion since most of the officers are stagnated in E-5 Scale/drawing E-6 Scale and more than 70% DEs have opted for VRS and retiring on 31st Jan., 2020 on VRS. After patient hearing Secretary (T) positively responded and mentioned that he will discuss the matter with the CMD and assured for early promotions.

(B) 100% IDA neutralization/ IDA Merger as on 01.01.2017:- We requested Secretary (T) to consider the IDA merger as on 01.01.2017 till such time the 3rd PRC is implemented in BSNL as discussed in the meeting with Hon.ble MOC&IT on 04.11.2019 by the GS AIBSNLEA. Secretary (T) mentioned that at this juncture, it is very difficult to consider the same, however he assured to look into the matter as and when the financial condition of BSNL improves. 

(C) Allotment of USO Fund Projects to BSNL on nomination basis:- We requested Secretary (T) to allot the current Task of provisioning of 2G and 4G based Mobile Services at MHA identified Tower Locations in the LWE areas to BSNL on nomination basis so as to help the BSNL to revive. In this regard, we have written a letter to Secretary (T) on the basis of the notification issued by the USO Fund for calling open tender for the provision of 2G+4G based Mobile Services at MHA identified Tower Locations in the LWE areas and handed over the letter.

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Shri.V.Raju, CGM TN Circle has been promoted and posted as Advisor, DOT Kerala LSA.

On behalf of AIBSNLEA TN Circle, we greeted him for every success in the new assignment.


Orders issued by BSNL CO regarding Deployment of Staff on Network operation and Maintenance – Post VRS

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New JAOs are appointed after completion of Training.

We extend our heartiest welcome to the young comrades to BSNL as well as AIBSNLEA.

This is the first time in the history, a second list of candidates is considered from the merit list for appointment against the DR Quota.  AIBSNLEA TN Circle has taken up the case.

Our sincere thanks to the Recruitment Cell of Circle Office and Finance wing for the effective presentation to BSNL CO for getting the approval.



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Clarifications on FAQs on Outsourcing Policy issued by BSNL CO.

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Time Bound IDA Scale Up-gradation of Executive (Finance Stream) E-5 to E-6 :– Orders issued to one set of officers of Madurai & Circle Office.

Thanks to Finance Wing..

Other Cases of Coimbatore and Nagercoil are under process.

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BSNL CO issued clarification regarding withdrawal of VRS option after the due date and not submitting the physical copies of Option/Withdrawal form.


It is clarified that the existing option in ERP Portal on the closing date is final and no written request for change of status will be entertained.


Non-submission of physical forms may result in delay in settlement of their terminal benefits.

Click here for letter ./current_events/VRS option-Withdrawal.pdf
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