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AUAB calls Protest Lunch hour Demonstration on 21.08.2019 (tomorrow) against the reduction of retirement age from 60 to 58 years:-

AUAB has reliably learnt that the BSNL Board of Directors meeting is scheduled to be held on 21.08.2019, wherein the agenda of reduction of retirement age of BSNL employees from 60 to 58 is likely to be discussed. We are receiving the news from various sources that the Govt. is considering the proposal of roll out of retirement age of BSNL Employees from 60 to 58. It is totally unwarranted and it is against the assurance given by the Union Cabinet in the year 2000 at the time of Corporatization of BSNL. All the DoT recruited employees are enjoying the facilities of age of superannuation at 60 years w.e.f. 31.05.1998. In view of this, we have to strongly protest the move of the BSNL Board to reduce the retirement age from 60 to 58.

Hence, AUAB calls upon the entire Executives and Non-Executives of BSNL to hold lunch hour demonstrations on 21.08.2019 (tomorrow) to protest against the proposed move of the BSNL Board to reduce the retirement age from 60 to 58.

All the Circle Secretaries District Secretaries are requested to coordinate with the constituent Unions/ Associations of AUAB and make the Protest Lunch Hour Demonstration on 21.08.2019 a Grand Success. 


16.08.2019: Meeting with Member (Finance), DCC, DoT

Com. S. Sivakumar GS AIBSNLEA along with AGS (Fin) and Advisor (HQ) met Shri. P.K. Sinha Ji Member (Finance) and  greeted him  on assuming the High office of Member (Finance) in Digital Communications Commission, DoT by presenting Bouquet. AIBSNLEA congratulated the new Member (Finance) and discussed regarding:-

A) Revival of BSNL: We enquired the Member (Fin) regarding the present status of the Revival Package of BSNL. Member (Finance) mentioned that the Cabinet Memo for Revival Plan is under consideration of Finance Ministry and he personally requested the Officers of Finance Ministry for early clearance of the proposal. He also mentioned that DOT is trying to get the Cabinet approval of Revival Package of BSNL before the end of this month.

B) Immediate Financial Support to BSNL:-  

We further requested for:

1) Extending immediate Financial Support to BSNL for the maintenance of the Services.

2) Refunding of Govt. dues to BSNL viz

a) Interest paid on BWA Spectrum.

b)  Excess payment of Pension contribution to the tune of Rs. 2700 Crs.

c)  Compensation for Maintenance of 17000 Rural Telephone Exchanges to the tune of Rs.19,000 Crs.

d)  And immediate payment of USOF/ ADC charges in the form of the Rural Deficit Charges for the Services provided.

Member (Finance) mentioned that DOT is considering for the immediate Finance Support to BSNL as well as refund of Govt. dues viz., Compensation of Rural Deficit Charges from USO Fund and refund of excess paid Pension Contribution. He also mentioned that a High Level Meeting is scheduled to be held on 19.08.2019. Regarding refund of Pension Contribution, he further mentioned that the Ministry of Expenditure is positive.  

C) Extension of Soft Loan to BSNL for its Capital Expenditure till the Monetization of Assets is effected:Member (Finance) mentioned that DOT is considering the Sovereign Guarantee for the grant of Loan to BSNL.

We handed over the copy of the letter addressed to Hon’ble Prime Minister of India in this regard.  

D) Immediate Financial Assistance to Flood affected Circles:- We requested the Member (Fin) for immediate allotment of funds to BSNL for the restoration of Services in the flood affected Circles viz., Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. We have also handed over the letter in this regard. Member (Fin) mentioned that we are aware of the situation and DOT is considering for immediate necessary support.

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16.08.2019:  GS writes to Shri Narendra Modi Ji, Honourable Prime Minister of India regarding immediate Financial Support and grant of Soft  Loan to BSNL. <<<Click here for letter>>>


Happy Independence Day


As discussed in the Circle Executive Committee Meeting on 06.08.2019, we discussed with the Management to defer the transfer orders issued to the Accounts personnel on merger of SSAs into BA.

Orders are issued today for the same.

Those who have already joined in the BA may continue, if they are willing, on own cost. Others will be relieved back to the parent SSAs.

Necessary work allocation and Roles and authorization will be provided for them to work from the present SSA itself.

We convey Our Sincere Thanks to the PGM (F) and DGM (F).

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Congratulations Webboombaa( company headed by Son of Com. Kaliyaperumal DS CO has been awarded for “Best Web Branding Company in Tamilnadu” by World Wide Achievers and Zee Business . Receiving Award from (Hon’ble Minister of Social state justice and empowerment)  Shri Ramdas Athawale ,Shri Amar Shankar Sable MP & Shakti Kapoor Ji.



CPC for promotion from PA to PS Cadre has been completed and the eligible list is sent to BSNL, CO, New Delhi for approval. On receipt of the same, Promotion orders will be issued.

As assured the Field training orders  for LICE JTOs issued by Circle Office today. Click here for orders
It is confirmed from the Management that the LICE JTO Trainees will be given Field Training for 4 weeks at their home SSAs only.
Request transfers of JTOs will be considered at the time of issue of posting orders to the JTO Trainees.


On 05.08.2019 evening, CS, Com.Sundararajan, ACS & Com.P.Mohan, CVP met the LICE JTO trainees at RGM TTC, Meenambakkam. We appraised the achievements of AIBSNLEA and our Association is working for the interests of all Cadres.

Especially during last year,

1.   Even though we are the supportive association, we are able to get about 13000 promotions to the Executive in all cadres by up gradation of posts, which never happened in the history, not only in BSNL but in any Govt. Organisation, even though the promotions are opposed by the Recognised Association.

2.   Even though we are the supportive association, we were able stop the Cadre Hierarchy proposed by the Management in collusion with the Recognised Association, because it was against the interests of the Executives.

3.   In the most expected DGM promotion, the stand of AIBSNLEA to get adhoc promotion and thus to get two increment benefit, one at the time of adhoc Promotion and other at the time of E-5 to E-6 Financial Up-gradation. But the other Association is demanding Regular promotion, by which the officers will lose one increment.

4.   It was explained how the other Association has worked to stop the appointment of JAOs during 2016, after they completed the training and waiting for posting order. AIBSNLEA intervened immediately and settled the case on Saturday and Sunday and convinced the Management to issue posting orders on Monday itself.

5.   AIBSNLEA is fighting against MT Recruitment, but the Recognised Association has given consent for the same, which is against the promotional avenues of DR JTOs and LICE JTOs.

We requested the Trainees to think over and take a conscious decision.

We also assured for posting of the Trainees in the same SSAs. Meeting ended with vote of thanks, by one of the trainee and Com.Pathanjali JTO
02.08.2019: AUAB calls on to organise Lunch Hour Demonstrations and Gate Meetings on 07-08-2019: 
A meeting of the AUAB was held yesterday the 01.08.2019, at  NFTE Office, New Delhi. The meeting was presided over by Com. S.Sivakumar, General Secretary, AIBSNLEA. General Secretaries / Representatives of BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA, AIBSNLEA, AIGETOA, BSNL MS, BSNL ATM, TEPU and BSNLOA attended. The meeting expressed its extreme unhappiness that the Unions and Associations of BSNL are being completely kept in the dark, with regards to the so called revival package of BSNL. The meeting also expressed its deep concern about the deterioration of BSNLs services due to lack of working capital. The meeting took serious exception to the repressive measures being taken by the BSNL Management, to deny legitimate trade union activities in BSNL. After serious discussions, the meeting decided to organise countrywide lunch hour demonstrations and gate meetings on 07.08.2019, on the following demands:-

>>>Honour the commitments given by the Union Cabinet in the year 2000, to ensure BSNLs financial viability. 
(a) Extend immediate financial support to BSNL, for the maintenance of the services.
(b) Extend soft loan to BSNL for its capital expenditures.
>>>Remove the total ban imposed on capital expenditure by BSNL. Allow field units to carry out capital expenditure, where revenue is assured.
>>>No retrenchment. Honour the commitment given on job security at the time of formation of BSNL.
>>>Stop repressive actions for even legitimate trade union activities.

All the District Secretaries of AIBSNLEA are requested to effectively organise the lunch hour demonstration and gate meeting, by coordinating with the other constituents of the AUAB.

On 03.08.2019, Director (CFA) BSNL CO, New Delhi, the only absorbed Director in the Board, gave a speech at Hall of Inspiration, Chennai. Even though the Hall is not inspired, the speech inspired the participants very much. All the DGM and above level officers of TN Circle and Chennai Telephones have attended the meeting. Really the speech was wonderful and motivational.  He requested all the officers attended the meeting to percolate the ideas, tariff and other guidelines from BSNL CO to the filed level to increase the sales. He has shared that we provide communication to all but we fail to communicate to our own officers and staff. Even the free broad band facility extended to the customers for one month is not reaching to the deep root level. Especially the CSC staff should be guided to sell the products to the needs of the customer rather than the needs of BSNL. That’s why he has changed the name of the plans from “99, 199, 499 etc.” to “1 GB Plan, 2 GB Plan, 5 GB Plan etc”. He has accepted that BSNL is facing crisis.  Ministry of Communications, DoT and BSNL Board are working out various solutions to come out of the present crisis. Till such time we have to survive with the available options which can be derived by the Executives themselves on the experience of their services  having for a longer period in BSNL.  It was assured by him that the crisis will be over soon.

He requested the CS after the meeting, to communicate the Executives to work with the hope that every problem will have an end and BSNL will survive and flourish. Funds are expected from DoT and through bank loans for clearing the pending liabilities.



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Click here to download CEC Invitation in PDF Format 

01.08.2019: AIBSNLEA Congratulated and Felicitated the New Secretary (Telecom) Shri Anshu Prakash on assuming the High Office of Secretary (Telecom) : 

Com. Prahlad Rai, Chairman and GS, AIRBSNLEWA and GS, AIBSNLEA Congratulated and Felicitated New Secretary (Telecom) Shri Anshu Prakash on assuming the High Office of the Secretary (Telecom) today. On the issue of Revival of BSNL / MTNL 

Secretary (T) mentioned that DoT has finalized the Cabinet Memo and has been sent to all the concerned Nodal Ministries for comments during last week and after receiving the comments, it will be sent to the Cabinet for consideration and approval. 

The Salient features of the Cabinet Memo were confirmed by the Secretary (T) during discussion as under:- 
1) 4G Spectrum allocation to BSNL/MTNL: 4G Spectrum will be allocated to BSNL/MTNL. 2) VRS Package to BSNL/MTNL employees: VRS Package to BSNL/MTNL employees who are attaining the Age of 50 & above wherein they will get 25% more towards Ex- gratia and Ex-gratia will be paid in cash as detailed below. 
a) The Employees opting VRS will get cash payment of Ex- gratia amount in single go or maximum 5 instalments on optional basis for availing Income Tax benefit. 
b) The formula for VRS Package is (Ex-gratia+Pension) or 125% of the salary, whichever is less. 
c) The Employees having 56b years of and having 4 years left out service will get full Salary benefits. 
d) Leave Encashment & Pension (without Commutation) will be paid at the time of VRS but the Gratuity and Commutation Value of Pension Payment will be deferred till they attain the age of Superannuation (i.e., 60 Years) or after 5 years. During the intervening period from the date of VRS to the date of attain the age of 60 Years, Employees will get interest @ 8% on their Gratuity amount. 
3) The roll out of age from 60 years to 58 years: After implementation of VRS, the roll out of age from 60 years to 58 years in respect of BSNL/MTNL employees will be effective from 01.01.2020. 
4) Merger of BSNL & MTNL: The debts of BSNL/MTNL will be transferred to the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) created for this purpose and after zero debt of both the Companies BSNL and MTNL will be merged. The Special Purpose Vehicle will take care of the Capital expenditure of the Company. 
5) Monetization of Assets of BSNL/MTNL: Monetization of Assets of BSNL/MTNL will be done by the respective PSUs in consultation with the Committee being formed with the approval of the Hon.ble MOC which will have DoT/BSNL/MTNL/DIPAM Officers and the funds will be utilized only for BSNL/MTNL. 
6) Financial Support to BSNL: Financial Support will be given to BSNL towards the Maintenance Expenditure of Rural Exchanges. July-2019 Salary disbursement to BSNL Employees: Secretary (T) further mentioned that Rs.500 Crs will be released to BSNL towards the Salary disbursement of July-2019. 
We requested the Secretary(T) to consider the 3rd PRC fitment benefits to the BSNL Employees in the Revival Package and delinking of Pension Revision with the 3rd PRC as assured by him during the discussions had with him on 6th February-2019. 
Secretary (T) mentioned that at present Govt. is not ready for 3rd PRC fitment benefits. However, he mentioned that this issue will be considered separately after BSNL starts to turn around. 
He appealed for extending our co-operation and support during this critical period.
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